RuneScape up-to-date information on server login problems

At the end of last week, many RuneScape players had trouble logging into the popular MMO. Jagex worked on the fix all weekend and today announced that the investigation is over. Looking to the future, the team is focusing on a solution that will bring all players at risk back to Gielinor.

The Warden mod announced today on the official RuneScape website, detailing the team's next steps.

“Now that the investigation is complete, our focus is on the adjudication phase and getting those affected back into play as soon as possible. In the current situation, all Old School players and more than 99% of RuneScape accounts remain unchanged. Now play normally. we will not rest again until all of you are back in the game.

Affected players will be relieved to learn that Mod Warden has also stated that all accounts are safe, although there are some "data gaps" between February 8 and March 4 that may affect some profiles.

Fortunately, the team is confident in their upcoming resolution. Mod Warden described this as a "complicated beast" but hopes to fill some of these data gaps with telemetry. In the meantime, some accounts should be locked until the patch is created.

Work is expected to take most of this week, although no further schedule has been announced.

The Warden mod ends the announcement by thanking the community for its patience and reaffirming the team's commitment to fixing issues.

Finally, we can't say anything but thank you again for your patience. We understand how frustrating it must be for those affected. Restoring the game accounts remains our top priority. We are also committed to improving our processes. to prevent this problem from happening again in the future ”.

RuneScape's servers have been infamous for 20 years, so a few days of downtime for a small fraction of players isn't the worst that could have happened to his trusted old servers.

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