RuneScape - The Hunt for Golden Party Hats Begins November 22

RuneScape has only been released on Steam last year, but the game itself is now 20 years old. When the festive year comes to an end, everyone has a chance to win the Golden Party Hat. The hunt starts on November 22 and ends on January 3.

Veterans know that party hats are one of the most desirable OSRS items in the game. This is because they are of high value and tradable. They have only been released six times in the entire history of the game.

To get this item, players have to complete several missions to get shards. There are 11 possible shards and only eight players in the Golden Party Hat. Here's where players can find Shards:

The Crew 2: The Artist is here!

    Talk to the Old Sage who is waiting for players outside the Great Stock Exchange in Varrock.

    Complete the "Once Upon a Time in Gielinor" anniversary quest. Read about it here.

    Every time players earn a Mark of War, there's a chance to get their hands on a shard.

    Shards are also possible loot after completing Clue Scrolls.

    You can have one shard when training your combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defense, Distance, Prayer, Magic, Stamina, Summon).

    One shard can be obtained during the Collecting Skill training (Mining, Fishing, Woodcarving, Farming, Hunter, Divination, Archaeology).

    One shard can be obtained when training crafting skills (Herblore, Crafting, Fletching, Smithing, Cooking, Firemaking, Runecrafting, Construction).

    You can have one shard while training your support skills (Agility, Thief, Conqueror, Dungeon).

    One shard can be obtained at level 15 of the free track in the Christmas Yak Track event.

    One shard can be purchased for 30 million in-game gold.

    One shard will be awarded with the purchase of a 2022 Premier Club membership.

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