Runescape Subscription Tokens Are Almost Here

Runescape Subscription Tokens Are Almost Here. Blizzard announced earlier this month that Runescape players will soon be able to avoid paying a monthly subscription by instead spending a new ingame currency called Tokens OSRS Gold Today they revealed when they plan to release this feature."We?ll begin rolling out the Runescape Token in the weeks following Patch ..?s release, starting with the Americas game region including realms serving North America, Oceania, and Latin America and then expanding to other game regions in the weeks after that," Blizzard said today. "Launching the Token once Patch .. has been live for a while will help us ensure the foundation for the feature is solid, and kicking things off with a single region is the best way for us to ensure everything?

Going smoothly before launching worldwide. "Patch .. is being released today so we could see the release of Tokens as early as April. That will depend on whether any lastminute bugs crop up in the testing of the feature, though.When implemented, Runescape Tokens can be purchased through Runescape's ingame store for real money. Tokens can either be redeemed for  days of game time, or sold on the Auction House for gold. In other words, it's a way for Runescape players with a lot of gold i.e. time to cut down their real money expenses. Runescape players with money to spare but less free time, meanwhile, get an easier way to acquire gold for their character.Tokens also cut out thirdparty gold sellers from the equation. These companies traditionally rely on shady tactics such as hacking and stripping other Runescape players' accounts to get their inventory of gold. In other cases, they automate their characters using botting software so they can farm up materials without actively playing.

I don't doubt these gold farmers still try to ply their wares in Runescape but at least Runescape players won't need to risk dealing with them.In the Americas, a Token will cost  USD or the equivalent in other currencies. They can be bought and sold for gold through a new Game Time tab on the Auction House. Tokens will be sold on regionwide exchanges so your character's specific realm won't matter. The gold price will fluctuate over time like other ingame items."Because the Token exchange has to start somewhere, we will be setting the initial gold value of the Runescape Token ourselves. The starting gold value in each region will be based on several factors, including regional ingame economies, but ultimately our goal is to select a fair and reasonable starting price.

After that, the Tokens gold value will be determined dynamically based primarily on Runescape player supply and demand. Simply put, if more Runescape Tokens are being listed than are being purchased cheap RuneScape gold the price will automatically drift downward over time. If people are purchasing Tokens from the Auction House faster than they?re being put up for sale, then prices will go up accordingly.As a reminder, to help make sure Runescape players can trade Runescape Tokens confidently, once a Token sells, the seller will receive the amount of gold they were quoted at the time they listed their Token.