Runescape replaces Duel Arena and OSRS might follow Suit

Jagex recently revealed that the iconic Arena Duel will be removed from the game and replaced with the new Het’s Oasis. Players can participate in rebuilding the destroyed area and earn OSRS gold by helping. They can also receive different rewards depending on the player's progress and the progress of the community. While Runescape confirmed that the arena would be removed from their version of the game, OSRS concluded that it would be.

What is the Duel Arena?

The Perennial Duel Arena is an ancient site northeast of Al Kharid in the Kharidian Desert. To make sure players can reach the area, they can rub the duel ring to teleport to the arena or use the magnet towards the Al Kharid area and move north to reach the target. The arena is where players can earn Runescape Gold and OSRS Gold by fighting against other people.

After entering the arena, players can challenge other players in the vicinity. Duel players will have to set different battle parameters before starting the duel. Competitors will also need to wager or bet to show the other players how much they will get from winning a duel. Players taking part in the duel are teleported to the main stage of the arena. Meanwhile, other players can watch the duel from the arena walls and throw rotten tomatoes that have no damage.

The Duel Arena has witnessed thousands of player duels, from great streamers to regular Runescape players. The area was also the site of several tournaments prior to the 2011 update, which removed this feature. Following the Wilderness and Free Trade update, the arena tournaments were removed as the overall experience was disappointing for them.

Destruction of the Duel Arena

The long-running arena will be destroyed by what the developers have called a catastrophic event. This event is believed to be a major earthquake that will destroy any building or structure in the vicinity. Destroying the area will no longer allow players to compete in PvP duels for gold. Players will now have to say goodbye to the old Kharidian Desert duels betting system.

After the Duel Arena has been destroyed, players must now work together to rebuild the devastated area. The redevelopment project is not intended to restore the arena, but to replace it with a new set of structures that performs different functions than the previous ones. The Het’s Oasis begins here.

The New Het’s Oasis

The rebuilding process will be a time-limited event called Oasis Restoration. From January 4, players will be able to participate in the reconstruction of the devastated area and turn it into a new, bustling paradise. Players as a community will complete multiple daily quests for two weeks to complete the entire construction of the Het’s Oasis. By participating in the project, players will receive various rewards such as the title "Ruins", the desert armor "Warrior of Het", cosmetic equipment for alligator boots, and a crocodile animal named Chomper.

New skill methods will be available with the release of the Het's Oasis update. This new solo content will continue even after the temporary event ends. The first skill is an agility course where players will explore the ruins of the destroyed Duel Arena. The second is the Hunter's method where players mount a crocodile to hunt scarabs around an oasis. Players can find a total of six new scarabs, each of which will require a certain hunting level. The third new skill is the Farming method, where players simply make the bushes bloom and collect new varieties of flowers. These new flowers require you to harvest certain crop levels.

While fans will surely miss Duel Arena and its glorious history, players are still excited about the upcoming new content. However, players will have to wait for detailed confirmation from Jagex as to whether Het's Oasis will also appear on OSRS and not just Runescape. Previous changes to OSRS Duel Arena mean it will also replace or remove content. Hopefully, Het’s Oasis will come to OSRS too since fans of the old version of the game will feel left out if they don’t get to experience the brand-new content and earn OSRS gold from the events.