RuneScape opens Yak Track while OSRS details Tombs of Amascut Reward Reworks

RuneScape officially opens the brand new Yak Track while the Old School RuneScape team talks about the renewed Amascut Tombs rewards and player feedback on each one.

Yak Track: Path of the Creators II is the tenth and longest they've ever had in RuneScape and features 50 levels that you have two months to complete. If you manage to expand and complete it, you can earn Elder God-style rewards including Bik and Ful. This time there is even a change in flexibility as each of the 50 levels has a "skill and kill" option in addition to the main quest for that level, letting you find out how you want to complete them. The skill and kill option will be slower, but you can still complete the level this way.

Today, additional changes have been made to the RuneScape patch, including a new time-limited version of Senntisten Asylum. This will apply this month. The shelter seats six players, so you will be placed in the instance if you are the seventh person to enter. The rest will remain as expected, but an instance will be available to facilitate the flow.

Meanwhile, the Old School RuneScape team has an update to the backlog of Amascut Tombs rewards. They revealed the reward list, but after the Nex was released, they had the idea that their original loot plans needed to be changed. The community then reflected on new ideas, so here's what the team is presenting now. Some of the original designs have remained largely intact, but others have now been reworked.

In this week's update, the team looks at each item and what has changed to make the reward items in better condition. You can also see the community's overall reaction to the suggestions and the OSRS team's response to each one.

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