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The Borderlands series is at the forefront of our minds lately, what with the announcement of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in March,RSgole RS Gold and last night s announcement of Borderlands 3 being in

preproduction. Borderlands is one of our favourite series to play  it never fails to amuse us,RS Goldwith its crazy sidequests and constantly hilarious if not a little outrageous humour.To celebrate this week s Borderlands news, I

ve compiled a list of ten of my favourite Borderlands 2 funny moments.It s hard to pick out just 10, as the game from start to finish is just nonstop crazy. The impeccable voice acting coupled with some of the best writing we ve seen in

a video game make the entire gameplay endlessly entertaining.Without further ado, in the words of Scooter, catch a riiiiiide through 10 of the best bits from Borderlands 2 .10. Innuendobot 5000Who doesn t love a bit of inappropriate

sexual humour, and that s exactly what Innuendobot delivers.You meet this NPC in an area called Ore Chasm yes, really , and he ll entertain you with such gems as prepare to be penetrated with bullets and stand erect and prepare for

combat, Or sometimes jus is enough to get a giggle.9. Face McShootyMister Face McShooty is a random psycho in the Thousand Cuts area,Cheap RS Goldthough unlike his counterparts, he doesn t unleash an attack on you. Instead, he s stood on

a ledge, shouting at you to, you guessed it,Sell runescape gold shoot him in the face. And that s your entire mission. If you shoot him somewhere else other than his face? He doesn t like it.