RuneScape Launches Front Nodon

Front Nodon has been launched and with it we go to battle in the world of Geilinor RuneScape. A war in which the fate of Geilinor is in your hands. The Nodon Front is part of the year-long RuneScape storyline in Elder God Wars. You can watch the trailer for the new part below.

This episode follows the previous Elder God Wars story where players discovered the lost city of Sennisten. Fans will appreciate that Ariane's premonition of war has come true. And it won't just be a war, it'll be a bloodbath. These are the words of your enemy himself. Players on computers and mobile devices will meet to defeat the army of the ruthless Nodon Dragonkin the Elder God Jas.

Their sole purpose is to burn down the city, destroy everything in it and tear down the cathedral. The Nodon Dragonkin long to destroy the Sennists, and with their powerful siege weapons, it certainly looks like they can manage to besiege the city and destroy the cathedral's defenses.

This is where you come in. Seasoned players with 92 Slayer skills must team up and destroy the Dragonkin army and destroy their weapons to prevent them from breaking into the cathedral. Meanwhile, those of you with over 90 building skills can turn the battle in your favor by using Nodon's own weapons against them.

Even if you're skilled enough, defeating an army won't solve the problem. Your next obstacle is Army General Kerapac. You will all fight in the Colosseum, where you must manipulate time to defeat Kerapac and his Elder God artifacts. The battle will be tough and to help you, the original generals of God War, Zilyana, Nex, Kree'arra and K'ril will temporarily give you some skills to defeat Kerapac.

The battle will be difficult. You may stumble along the way. But know that when you defeat Kerapac, you become the owner of the first level 95 RuneScape weapon, The Staff of Armandy. So fight for this weapon and defeat the Kerapac of all the fighters, craftsmen and engineers!

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