Runescape - How Jagex has taken desperate steps

The coronavirus situation has undoubtedly been a huge factor in stopping part of the gaming industry. This is a topic that has been discussed with the Runescape team. While players have earned gold and OSRS missions as they've always done in the past, they may not have been aware of the process that the developers went through behind the scenes.

Desperate measures

This is underlined by the recent introduction of Elder Gods' newest storyline known as Desperate Measures. This quest has evolved over the past six years, and in a recent Game Rant interview, members of the Jagex team discussed the excitement of working in conditions that produce a global effect.

Lead content creator James Crowther outlined the difficulties of working during the pandemic saying, “Content creation is an art, and this kind of creativity really benefits when people around you reflect ideas. While Zoom is perfectly functional, you don't have the same connection with people, making it difficult to communicate ideas. "

The challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic

No wonder there were challenges in the coronavirus pandemic, as for everyone. This led to what the team describes along the way as hiccups and messages that were lost during translation. This is perfectly understandable given the situation as the programmers don't even work in the same room as others. Some development teams they have resorted to using services like Discord to finalize aspects of their games such as bug testing and their game finalization.

Jagex approach

The way Jagex approaches publishing content is by doing it every month. Given that frequency, it means you won't always see a huge chunk of content, such as a long mission, but there's usually enough to keep players coming back. It also gives them the ability to organize events that can fill the gap when they are ready to release new and fuller content.

This approach may not satisfy everyone, especially when it comes to the tasks themselves and how often they are released. That said, it's clear that Jagex is making every effort to provide players with support until the next round of content releases. Senior Game Designer Tim Fletcher is committed to keeping as much contact with the community as possible, saying, “I spend my evenings talking to them about content and task design, and gaining a lot of strong feedback. I also share my opinion, and we often cycle around about trade-offs and how things are done, can and should be done. "

An important point is the impact of the game's release on mobile devices. It has opened the gates for a whole new audience to join what millions of fans have enjoyed on PC over the years. Not only that, but it also encourages you to take the game wherever you go.

The Desperate Measures quest is now available in Runescape. So if you want to take a break from buying Runescape gold or working on your avatar, this is definitely one task you'll want to check out.