RuneScape Holding "Two-Week Long Extravaganza"

October 10 is World Mental Health Day and RuneScape highlights the occasion by offering several in-game events over the next two weeks. As part of the Gielinorian Giving charity series, you can earn tons of exclusive loot by participating, including the Guardian of Fortitude Armor.

Representatives of all three of Jagex's charitable partners can be found at Lumbridge Crater through October 18. Every two days, representatives will offer a new puzzle to answer - get it right and you'll get free lamps and patches for traveling craftsmen. Bring these patches to Ulric, also located in Lumbridge Crater, along with a few other materials to help him create exclusive rewards - the most exciting of which is the Guardian of Valor's Armor. A Traveling Craftsman can even craft items from previous charity events, including:

   Eugene the Brain

   Scoop and Percy the yetis

   Brain Plushie

All money raised during the event will be donated to three Jagex charity partners: Rise Above the Disorder, CPSL Mind and Prince's Trust. These organizations organize workshops for young adults to help them meet the challenges of mental illness and give them direct access to resources related to mental health.

In other October news, Jagex explained the confusion over the end date of the Archaelogs XP embargo. The new date is October 19, although you can still use lamps and other items after that date to increase your XP earnings. Archeology is a brand new skill recently added to RuneScape, offering players a new way to learn about Gielinor, which has been featured extensively in the Desperate Measures questline.

RuneScape continues to expand despite being an MMO from several decades ago. It was recently announced that it will be available on Steam on October 14, which will likely provide another population growth for the already popular title. Not to be confused with Old School RuneScape, RuneScape offers improved graphics, new mechanics, and a completely reworked combat system.

The Gielinorian Giving event will run until October 18. Make your way to Lumbridge Crater and visit one of the new NPCs to start enjoying the exclusive content.

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