RuneScape Guide: Easy Soul Farming in Capsarius

One of the most useful and profitable aspects of the Slayer skill is the Sunken Pyramid. Located in Menafos, this pyramid acts as a dungeon where the player can place and create any Slayer mob with a greatly reduced respawn delay. However, this requires you to collect the monster's soul first. Of the many Killer souls available in RuneScape, none are possibly quite as profitable as Capsarius.

Capsarius is one of the five members of Ascension. Like all members of Ascension, they need at least Level 81 Assassin to kill. They are an attractive choice for farming as they don't hit hard, are easy to kill, and have a lucrative drop chart. In addition, the accession keys they drop are worth up to 700,000 OSRS gold each and bring in an impressive profit of 10 million gold per hour.

Growing Capsarius Souls

The speed at which Capsarius' soul is captured in RuneScape varies greatly depending on a few key variables. These variables determine the player's Slayer level if the player is given the Slayer quest "Order of the Members of Ascension", if the player is wearing a damaged Conqueror Helmet, and if the Cursed Ushabti is being used.

The worst-case scenario is that you are Slayer level 99, you don't have any ushabti cursed, you don't have a broken Slayer helmet and you don't have a job. If all these variables are true, you can expect a soul catch rate of 1/500 (0.2%). In contrast, a 120 Assassin with the right quest, a damaged Assassin's helmet, and a cursed shabti increase these chances to 1/41 (2.4%).

That being said, players who are just meeting the requirements may find it worth the wait until they reach the next Slayer level. Even with the most efficient breeding method, a 1/500 chance to drop takes about 90 minutes to breed just one soul, assuming average luck.

The optimal setup for low intensity farming requires five Capsarius souls. Unless you wish to spend a few hours on a soul farm, it is advisable to wait. Although buying Amascut Cursed Sand for 6.5 million gold anyone can speed things up for impatient players. The Cursed Sand of Amascut can be combined with Shabti to create Cursed Shabti. This increases the soul capture rate of all Slayer monsters by 50%.


Enter the Dungeon of Ascension. The easiest way to get there is by teleporting to the Oo'glog lodestone and running northwest. Alternatively, Ring of Dueling or Spirit Tree can be used to teleport to the Warforge Dig Site southwest of the dungeon. If neither of these methods are available, just run south of Yanille.

To enter the dungeon you need to be a Level 81 Slayer on your RuneScape account, although a Level 99 Slayer is required to collect Capsarius souls. Inside, head northeast along Rorarius and jump over the first shortcut you find. Run north until you enter a room with four Gladius, two Caparius and a Scutarius.

The two interesting rooms are the first room you enter and the similarly sized room to the north. Both contain two Capsarius spawns that can be rotated between them. The most effective method is to kill one, run to another room, kill the other, and then repeat the process.

Of the two Capsarius in each room, one will always be alive if you follow this rotation. This means you can constantly breed Capsarius without having to wait. Assuming the player is fully focused and runs non-stop between each room, expect around 340 kills per hour. However, this number will drop without quality of life items such as the Oo'glog Well's source relic and a weapon that can consistently fire Capsarius.

With the best possible chance of 1/41, it takes just over half an hour to collect five souls to complete a Slayer personal dungeon. At worst, but with the same number of deaths, it takes about seven hours to collect five souls. It is possible that the latter (unfortunate) could take more than 10 hours.

Once you have the desired amount of Capsarius souls, head to the RuneScape Sunken Pyramid. Don't forget to take your souls with you. The Sunken Pyramid can be reached by going to the Menafos harbor area and talking to Portmaster Kags on the westernmost dock. Ask him to take you to the Sunken Pyramid and then go inside. Congratulations, all the requirements to farm Capsarius have been met. Now make the most of one of RuneScape’s best low-intensity money makers.