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Fans of rhythm games will feel right at home with the meat of Project DIVA F 2nd s content, with its Play mode feeling not to dissimilar to classics such as Parappa the Rapper , Gitaroo Man , or Space Channel 5 . Even though all the

songs are in Japanese,Sell rs07 gold the language barrier is not really an issue here as they are all pretty catchy, and more importantly, fun to play As button icons fly onto the screen from all directions, you the player must get with the beat and

press them as they cross your onscreen counterpart, with the speed and complexity of the icon patterns being increased as you make your way through the four difficulty modes available.Visual feedback and a score is given for each icon,

informing you instantly as to how well you are performing which is useful for adjusting your timings as you progress through the 40 songs that the game offers. Even though all the songs are in Japanese, the language barrier is not really

an issue here as they are all pretty catchy,Runescape Goldand more importantly, fun to play. Each song features two technical sequences where you re challenged with hitting all the icons correctly and one chance time sequence that

extends the length of the song should you perform adequately and hit the final star icon. Completing these sequences grants you a considerable score boost, which is graded upon completion of a song and affects the amount of diva points

awarded. Diva points serve as the game s currency, to use in the store full of various unlockables.For those that need to fine tune the difficulty, your diva points can also be used to activate a number of song modifiers that can change

factors such as the speed that icons move, and the leniency of the scoring system with regards to timing. This is a rather welcome addition as the difficulty between songs can fluctuate quite wildly. Project DIVA F 2nd is a solid

purchase for any fan of the rhythm genre As a contrast to the frenetic Play mode, Project DIVA F 2nd also features a DIVA room mode in which you can chill out with the games characters, giving them attention and gifts in order to build

your friendship with them.RSgole RS Gold By earning their adoration, you ll be rewarded with customisation items, cutscenes, and the opportunity to take part in numerous minigames.