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The impeccable voice acting coupled with some of the best writing we ve seen in a video game make the entire gameplay endlessly entertaining.Without further ado, in the words of Scooter,RSgole RS Gold catch a riiiiiide through 10 of the best bits from

Borderlands 2 .10. Innuendobot 5000Who doesn t love a bit of inappropriate sexual humour, and that s exactly what Innuendobot delivers. You meet this NPC in an area called Ore Chasm yes, really , and he ll entertain you with such gems as

prepare to be penetrated with bullets and stand erect and prepare for combat, Or sometimes jus is enough to get a giggle.9. Face McShootyMister Face McShooty is a random psycho in the Thousand Cuts area, though unlike his counterparts,

he doesn t unleash an attack on you. Instead, he s stood on a ledge, shouting at you to, you guessed it, shoot him in the face. And that s your entire mission. If you shoot him somewhere else other than his face?He doesn t like it. I

said in the face! My face! The thing shouting at you – shoot it! Maybe you re weighing the moral pros and cons but let me assure you that.BonerfartEarly on in your Pandorian is that the word? adventuring, you ll do a quest for Sir

Hammerlock called The Name Game Basically, he s decided that he doesn t want to call bullymongs – the local beasties bullymongs anymore. He ll have you hunting them, running through various name suggestions as you do, before

eventually settling on Bonerfart. Sadly, the name has to get changed back to Bullymong, but it s funny for the short time you re ask to hunt bonerfarts Ah, juvenile humour at its finest.7. Double rainbowSurely everyone by now has seen

the Double Rainbow video that hit the big time on YouTube a few years ago? Apparently its had over 40 million views so intense ! Borderlands 2 did what Borderlands does best and paid homage to a bit of RuneScape 2007 Gold popular culture by having a double rainbow themed easter egg.