RuneScape 3: Top 5 melee skills, ranked

RuneScape 3 has come a long way from what RuneScape once was. Years ago, RuneScape had a simple point-and-click fighting style. In addition to being able to use a special attack with certain types of weapons, combat was a rather static experience for players. The Evolution of Combat update changed all that by adding a lot of skills to the players' arsenal.

Skills can be configured on the action bar and players can use keyboard shortcuts to unleash various and deadly combat skills that have a major impact on the course of the battle. Although the player base has been split in this update, those who like to play revolutionary battles should know the best melee skills. RuneScape 3 is a very successful game and despite its age it even competes with MMOs released in 2021.

5 Greater Fury

Greater Fury requires 24 Strength to use, so it can be unlocked very early in the player's journey. This is an improved version of the Fury ability and is useful for anyone who prefers the melee style. The skill is unlocked after reading the Greater Fury skill code, which can be found in the Dragonkin lab.

Greater Fury deals a single hit of 157% ability damage and is a members-only ability. Once players log into the Free World, the skill will revert to Fury until they log back into the member's World. Players should get this as soon as possible on their journey to the Completion Cape.

4 Greater Flurry

The flurry is updated to a bigger flurry when the player reads the Dragonkin lab's bigger flurry skill code. Greater Flurry is great for high damage players who like to mix skills. Although RuneScape gets better after a few hours, these skills soon begin to increase players' enjoyment of the game.

Greater Flurry deals 18.8% to 94% (RNG-based) weapon damage, similar to the original Flurry ability. However, using Greater Flurry allows the player to use Berserk faster as the cool down time is reduced by 1.2 seconds.

3 Greater Barge

The Greater Barge skill can be obtained after the player reads the Greater Barge skill code. When unlocked, it replaces the original Bark ability. This skill requires 30 Attack to use, so players will be able to unlock it in the free MMO soon.

This ability causes the player to attack the target, dealing 25% to 125% (RNG based) weapon damage and binding the target for 6.6 seconds. In addition, activating this ability frees the player from all the bonds he is currently locked in.

2 Bladed Dive

Bladed Dive requires 65 Attack and a two-handed melee weapon. It can be obtained from the Shattered Worlds store for 63,000,000 Broken Animas. Once activated, players can use the cursor to select a target location, dealing 25% to 125% skill damage to any enemy close enough. Shattered Worlds is one of the best subscription-based MMO minigames, so it's worth going through.

This ability is one of the best hand-to-hand combat skills players can get in RuneScape 3, although it takes some effort to get there. Due to its separate activation and features, it is not suitable for novice players and is better for those experienced in the Revolution battle system.

1 Blood Tendrils

Blood Tendrils is the best melee ability available in RuneScape 3 and it is not unlocked until the player is deep in the middle of the game. The ability requires 75 attacks to cast and is one of only five bleeding abilities available in melee combat. Leads to the best sword fights available in the game.

This ability's targets take 36% to 180% ability damage and a further bleeding effect. However, the caster will also suffer bleeding damage. Therefore it is very important for players not to use this when their HP is too low as the ability can kill them.

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