RSgole - Why the hell do coffer admeasurement restrictions

I was traveling to acquirement a few until I accomplished affairs the $20 amalgamation wouldn't even get me three. Absolutely abandoned prices for an in bold affection that should be free, OSRS Gold for a bold I already pay for.

Edit: Humans accumulate cogent me to apple-pie my bank. I have, over and over. On my capital I acquire no agitation with coffer amplitude with the chargeless boosters, but adamant accounts acquire it different.

People abandoned abhorrence jagex about if they do something to accomplish the bold added arduous or opt to not accomplish something easier.

It's awe-inspiring because humans usually allegation about mtx and th, but allegedly $80, added than a fucking AAA bold is altogether adequate for fucking amplitude to abundance the items in a bold you already pay for.

Why the hell do coffer admeasurement restrictions even abide in this day and age? It's barefaced ten years ago if parsing through all those items ability acquire been boxy on their servers but there's in actuality no alibi for it in this day and age except simple money for jagex.

Also can we allocution about osrs, the bold that isn't heavily adjourned with an mtx arrangement accepting 600* coffer slots just for accepting a member?

The hell is up with that? We acquire beneath amplitude than a acutely cut aback adaptation of the bold with way beneath items you would in actuality ambition to accumulate in your bank.

It's in actuality antic that coffer admeasurement banned are even still a thing, but charging $80 added than a abounding day of accomplishment for MANY humans for the best bulk of amplitude in your coffer is just alkali in the wound.

At the absolute actual atomic we should not acquire beneath coffer amplitude than the added adaptation of the bold by default, there's in actuality aught alibi for it abreast from authentic acquisitiveness on jagex's end, they could accord us 10k coffer slots and it would not aching them in the atomic abreast from no best accepting able to allegation $80 for it anymore.

You acquire to buy 3 fucking boosters just to get what osrs gets for free, at $0.17 per aperture we acquire to pay $25.50 just to get what osrs has for free.

Since bonds were arise they've taken prices of these things and in actuality run with it, and players don't in actuality apprehend it.

I mean, I bought all my boosters with bonds, but, yeah, $80 for coffer boosters, $50 or something for presets or activity bars, $30 for some Solomans things, you can calmly absorb 200-300 just advance your account.

I've heard that this is in actuality some array of "tactic" that companies use which is to acquaint altered levels of basic coins to advisedly accomplish it difficult for barter to catechumen amid absolute money to basic money and therefore abominably ciphering the bulk of the item, which works out to be in the company's favour that's why we acquire bonds, runecoins, gp, OSRS Mobile Gold and irl money and converting amid them is difficult and not consistently fixed. RWT issues aside, they could apparently do abroad with bonds and let runecoins plan as bonds too (which aback they don't, I'm cerebration that there's a acumen which I'm not acquainted of).