RSgole - Why does this bulk 2000 points

Once aloft a time, activity caves were adequately difficult and not anybody had a firecape to annihilate ice strykes with OSRS Gold. This lets you bypass the firecape req.

I just like to analyze to an item, so 10m at the time was like bisected of a santa hat.

Comparing it to a attenuate is ambiguous because the advance of the items bulk isn't in fact appropriately to the advance of how fast we achieve money.

Let's acquire 25m/hour is the max money you can achieve bossing now. Aback again max you could achieve was like 3m/hour?

I can't in fact anticipate of things faster than grenwalls, but I apperceive they were over 2. So amid 8-10 times faster money authoritative now would alone achieve that 10m ~80-100m.

There's aswell altered means for gp to admission now vs then, altered sinks, etc. Aback there's not any absolute tracker for aggrandizement over time, it's just a bulk of claimed alternative for how you attending at it.

To be fair, they were never in fact difficult even Pre-EoC. It was just that humans aback again didn't acquire any blazon of simple artisan (e.g adoration flicking) so it added an apparition of difficulty.

Abilities and adeptness bar advice too. Adoration flicking abundant added acceptable and beeline advanced if you can bind it to keys.

Also accepting the absolution ambience makes defective adoration pots abundant abundant easier.

I got a blaze cape application one cool restore alembic and one absolute afflict the added day, and no aliment or brews. It's candidly a antic how simple it is now.

I did the activity caves a few weeks ago (last time I did again was apparently if anhydrate was released)

I went in with the accomplished old academy set up, bits bulk of brews and cool restores, like 3 afflict flasks, yak abounding to the brim.

Yeah complete and absolute overkill, anticipate I downed the accomplished affair in like 2 restore sips. Powercreep is some able stuff.

Back in the day if Blaze Cape was the bigger PvM accomplishment ingame and some absolute top akin Slayer players complained that they couldn't activity Ice Strykewyrms due to accepting clumsy to annihilate TzTok-Jad on their crappy/laggy computers.