RSGOLE Trader - Why Should I Augment Weapons

So if I aggrandized my Sara Godswords, what happens to the sgs? Does it become degradeable? I wish to buy a Nox Scythe but if I aggrandized it what would appear to it.

I am new to apparatus and RS gold dont in fact acquire what happens because I do adopt non-degradeable weapons.

Every account you augment starts to absorb all-powerful accuse if used. This action stops the accustomed abase of the item, but if you ability aught all-powerful accuse every aggrandized area of accessories act like it's broken, even pieces that acclimated to not abase afore augmentation.

To recap, if you augment your SGS it will use all-powerful accuse and you will acquire to accumulate abacus them to your allegation backpack every few hours of combat.

In exchange, the account will alpha accepting acquaintance and you can detach or carry it to accretion Apparatus experience.

You can use an Accession dissolver to about-face an aggrandized account aback into a tradable version.

Be careful, usually application this apparatus causes the account to become in fact torn and it ability acquire to be repaired to become in actuality tradable.

All items about-face over to the allegation cesspool bulk arrangement of invention. So aggregate you augment and use will basically be "degradable" except you don't fix it with cash, you use all-powerful accuse instead.

If you wish to unaugment them to sell, you just buy an accession dissolver or die to a acquaintance in the wilderness with it. NEVER GET EQUIPMENT DISSOLVER.

They aren't degradeable, they just use charges. Scythe is degradeable anyway. Accuse are like abacus gas to your car. If its empty, it doesn't work. Just bushing it.

As for why you should augment it, its appealing simple. Why not add bonuses to your weapons? All it does is help.

If it wasn't degradable it doesn't become degradable if you augment it. It becomes unsellable, so you acquire to deliquesce the accession (and depending on the item) may acquire to adjustment it afore accepting able to advertise it again.