RSGOLE Trader - Why I ambition BH removed

I don't run abroad whenever anyone attacks me. That was what I was like if I aboriginal started PKing, and bluntly for far too connected afterwards that point & RS Mobile Gold, because I was appealing abundant clueless about how to do annihilation and a lot of humans seemed like if I connected to activity them it'd be assertive death.

Eventually, I started to put burden on myself to let go of just alive abroad immediately. Over months of PKing I started angry players who were decidedly bigger than me actual regularly. I fought humans I actively seeked out in Edge and accidental PKers I happened to affray with.

It took time, but now-a-days if I do, rather infrequently, PK I don't run abroad immediately. I breach in the activity as connected as I can. Even now I'm so bad, I'm outclassed massively by so abounding PVPers and PKers but I accumulate going. I try to barb my way to achievement even adjoin players decked out in alluring and a hellfire bow (major weapon triangle and coffer disadvantages for me) and even if I'm appealing abiding they don't in actuality acquire abundant accident anyway.

I activity the aforementioned PKer I've fought and absent adjoin tens of times because I ambition to win, I ambition to just annihilate them already even if it bureau I lose tens of millions accepting to that point. I adulation angry adjoin air-conditioned allowance abysmal in the wild in a in actuality activating array of ambience area I never apperceive what's traveling to happen.

Despite cerebration you apperceive why I ambition BH removed, you don't - let me accord you the tip of the iceberg.

I ambition BH removed because I can't fucking activity anyone there.

I ambition BH removed because I spent tens of hours cat-and-mouse about for targets abandoned for 95% of them to decay my time as abundant as they possibly could - one even abusing a bug that acclimatized them to breach in the safe area for added than an hour.

I ambition BH removed because even admitting it gave me some of the a lot of agitative fights I've had, it took tens of hours to get them and I apperceive that if there was added accolade for accepting in the agrarian there'd be added PKers or just able-bodied able players that I would affray with them and it'd be the exciting, dynamic, out of the blue, crazy array of PVP that I love. There's annihilation like it.

I ambition BH removed because I just apperceive they can't fix it even admitting I capital them to fix it so badly. I was so fucking aflame for it and they said it wouldn't acquire advocacy - that they'd handle it - but they didn't, they couldn't, and I just ambition to acquire that and move on from this shitty bearings that leaves a abhorrent aftertaste in my mouth. I apperceive that anybody will ruin it with calumniating strategies that yield advantage of the arrangement and that accepted PVPers are just going to be shafted because the rewards will abide to be counterbalanced about boosters or the boosters will just catchbasin the aggregate of the items. I apperceive you ambition to still deliver it and I in actuality acquire area you're advancing from on that but I can't accumulate up the optimism - I've just acclimatized up achievement on it accepting annihilation but a cesspool of boosting.

I ambition the rewards in the agrarian not just because it'll brace some of the agreeable there acceptation there'll be added humans for me to annihilate but because I ambition to be the casualty too. I adulation accomplishing accursed activity on my ironman, I adulation accomplishing abyssal demon affairs on my capital and I adore bottomward by and killing some noodles too.

I ambition the rewards in the agrarian because I would adulation to access some of the BH rewards on my ironman, accepting like the armour patches would be crazily acceptable to get. I've got a vesta's chainbody just blind out in my coffer - I can't do anything with it because it's just not actual acceptable afterwards the patch, but I aswell don't ambition to boost. I adulation killing revs on my ironman too but I just apperceive I'm not traveling to get annihilation advantageous because T78 non-augmentable is just way beneath the accessory I've already got.

And yeah - don't you get me wrong, I would adulation to annihilate some humans for their emblems or whatever abroad afresh akin them up to 10 myself, but that's just one allotment of it all. There's so abundant to it for me.

You can try to oversimplify my motives to but the absoluteness is I'm a guy who in actuality fucking loves the agrarian and loves so abounding facets of it. I affliction about it a lot and in a lot of altered ways.

You can try to lie or just accidentally advance apocryphal admonition by adage I just run abroad from anybody who attacks me but the absoluteness is I've pushed myself added and added to be advancing even if I'm adverse off adjoin players I've fought and absent adjoin tens of times.

Hell, I go out of my way to put myself in added crisis on my ironman. I acquire annihilation to accretion from accepting attacked added at accursed activity but osrs gold cheap go to worlds I apprehend to see added PKers anyhow because it's fun for me.