RSGOLE Trader - We charge added rs items for skillers

The Admeasurement from Fate of the God's should be the divination adaptation of the Enhanced yaktwee stick. Currently, we accept one of the a lot of RuneScape Gold able artifacts the cosmos has anytime apparent sitting in our bank, accession dust.

We should be able to advancement it afterwards Fate of the Gods to be acclimated as a divination booster.

After award all the Elder Chronicles, the Admeasurement should be "powered up" and accord us boosts too divination. 5% XP boost, or added accomplished memories, or even a addition in the accumulating of energies we have.

We could even abode the Admeasurement down, and all the wisps that abatement into the ambit of the admeasurement accept an added accomplished adventitious or annual spawn.

We charge added items for skillers to advance their game, this is a top affiliated annual that currently has no use added than some column quests rewards. it ties in beautifully with divination. we should use it for something.

There are added bulk problems with divination that needs to be adressed first. Appropriate now it is not even a skill, it is a daily. I'm all for nerfing accumulation and authoritative accustomed divination traning viable.

Currently it is by no agency annual training divination commonly so that would charge to be afflicted afore anything. As continued as accumulation is 1m xp per hour there is no point in accomplishing these affectionate of things.

Easy fix is to about-face Guthixian Caches into 100% BXP. Admission the bulk of BXP awarded hardly to compensate.

At lower levels it's in actuality absolute slow, but at college levels you can calmly get the exp in an hour for which you charge to do two caches. 2 caches yield 10 minutes, that abandoned is amateur the xp bulk by your argumentation and it's aswell not authentic numbers.

Edit: at affiliated 99 the max xp bulk is in the branch of 100k/hr and one accumulation which takes 5 annual is 73k xp. It takes ~1.5 hours to get the xp from 2 caches which yield 10 minutes. Ancestral activity is a absolute afk and accessible 120k/hour.

A) Ancestral activity isn't 120k/hr. Unless you are including affairs maybe in some fashion?

B)even if it were: even if I aerate your bulk to 150k OSRS Mobile Gold which is just backward it's still 1 hr to bout 10 annual of cache. Accumulation is able-bodied added than 6x as able as any added adjustment and is awfully overpowered.