RSGOLE Trader - Traveling to not play RS for a brace of years

So I am traveling to move to asia and aback internet affiliation there is capricious at best to any server. I will apparently abdicate for a while. Now this is not a column about bead allotment for anybody woohoo~ No no no no.

This is a column about abundance preservation. You see the endure time I abdicate runescape 6 years ago. I had in my coffer 8mil in banknote and I can alone acquire addition 12mil in armor and gear.

When I came back, oh my lord, aggrandizement and armor abasement hit me like a truck. So to anticipate this I am cerebration of advance in some top amount items that will go up in amount over the years. Any suggestions?

I'm cerebration of affairs bonds and converting them to tradeable and absolution them sit.

You may ambition to accede continuing to use the RS Accompaniment app if you're anxious with 'investing' over a connected aeon of time. You don't anytime acquire to log into RS, but can merch from your buzz and adviser trends.

Also, you can try your duke at stocking up on acutely airy items and set them to advertise in the GE at a accumulation allowance that you're adequate with. If the prices anytime get to that point, you'll bright that allowance and not acquire to anguish about connected trends.

Asian here. Not abiding area you're affective to but a lot of cities in Asia acquire actually acceptable internet. The ping ability be a bit college but it's not actually unplayable.

However, if you're traveling to some of the beneath developed places, RS accompaniment app, and RS Mobile if it's realeased, should acquiesce you to abide your merches and whatnot.

3G/4G is actually able-bodied developed in Asia so you should be able to accumulate up with the RS market.

China here. It's not that the internet is bits there but I apperceive for abiding there will be some blocking traveling on. I could bypass some of the blocking with a vpn but I dont apperceive how Jagex reacts if they see anyone use a vpn to login. And yes the blocking is real, I activated it. Notable lag spikes.

The a lot of analytic accommodation would be advance in santa hat and h'ween set, this will be actually acceptable accommodation if they acceleration the aforementioned amount as the antecedent 3 years(about 600%). Despite that maybe some tokens, but they can get rereleased.

Tresure trails account should become added accepted in 3 years afterward the accessible amend so I will break abroad from them as a connected appellation investment if I was you.

Also, don't accumulate weapons and gear, you consistently lose RS gold from them, unless you use them to pvm which makes them bad gp investment in your case.