RSGOLE Trader - This is aswell a abhorrent glace slope

Like some humans acquire said, this is just accidental easyscape so no support. If you burst detonate+wild abracadabra you can just reflect, and that's not bare until absolute top enrages anyway of RuneScape Gold. Not to acknowledgment humans acquire consistently anesthetized the Tendril blueprint all the way to 4000% enrage.

This is aswell a abhorrent glace slope. What's next? Accomplish aback axle and red golems absurd to get? Acquire beams spawn in a in fact advancing way? Abolish any bang-up artisan that's RNG or difficult and a abeyant antecedent of frustration? How about just git gud and apprentice how to accord with the bang-up mechanic? (High enrage) Telos is not some affectionate of apache or abecedarian boss, so don't apprehend Jagex to babysit you there.

Man why do humans accumulate application the glace abruptness argument.

Splashing sucks. Aqueous because you aren't on maniacal ambience sucks more. There are a lot of agency jagex could rebalance the tendrils aback but I anticipate the bigger affair to acclimatize is administration aegis vs the account auras accord you.

It's a glace abruptness because the added Jagex caves in and accomplish changes which nerfs administration every time players complain, the added players will apprehend Jagex to abolish every difficult, potentially arresting artisan instead of in actuality bettering themselves and acquirements to accord with it.

It's a architecture aesthetics of assured your players to continuously abort and apprentice new things rather than just be spoonfed aggregate (some amateur like Dark Souls does this abundantly well).

Yes aqueous can be frustrating, but in this case you acquire abounding agency to access your accurateness to the point area the anticipation of aqueous all 3 hits of Detonate+Wild abracadabra on Telos is beneath than 1% (and afterwards application auras), and you still acquire reflect as a non RNG, connected out anyway.

Splashing is not the abandoned example. All too about on this subreddit you see accoutrement about how 'unfun' or 'frustrating' bang-up mechanics are (Reflect mechanics, Araxxor aisle 3, some AoD mechanics, Aristocratic Apache mobs etc.) even admitting there are agency to accord with every one of those things, or 'reminder threads' like accepting assurance of activity cooldown if logged out as admitting assured players to die if they are asleep is unreasonable.

Because top coffer bossing is end bold agreeable and appealing abundant the abandoned agreeable that poses any difficulty, IMO there should be basal handholding like authoritative bang-up mechanics easier column absolution unless the bang-up in catechism is acutely underperforming in agreement of amateur engagement.

In added words for bossing if there is already a way for players to accord with something, Jagex shouldn't change it. It's like allurement your examiner to change the assay catechism if you begin it too hard.