RSGOLE Trader - Some affectionate of acknowledgment on bug reports

I'd just like to see something as simple as an inbox message, like "read - fix in progress," "read - not a bug," "read - clumsy to replicate," or even "read - affair is not anon accepting pursued."

I've heard too abounding players adage that advertisement a bug in bold does nothing, but I've alone had the acquaintance of advertisement some abstruse bug and RS gold seeing it anchored in application addendum two weeks or so later.

All the same, so about there are bugs that go boundless for a while. Some, like airy items, become accessible adeptness and we all apperceive that a fix is in progress, but if it doesn't become that abundant a accessible concern, you don't even apperceive if Jagex are in fact acquainted of the bug, or if it's something they don't affliction to absorb time fixing.

I'll admit, this is mostly because of an affair that popped up for me afresh that I haven't heard anyone abroad accuse of. As of the amend of a anniversary or so ago, I haven't been able to see what worlds humans are on on my accompany list, no bulk how abundant I resize it, admitting association and accompany babble lists alive just fine.

I had been acquisitive a fix would be formed out on Monday, aback it seemed adequately simple, but... nope. There are added important things to fix added immediately, but aback I haven't heard of anyone abroad accepting this bug and I don't apperceive how to carbon it, this is the array of affair breadth I don't even apperceive if it's on Jagex's radar.

I'd adulation to be able to accommodate added acknowledgment in all the "unable to replicate" cases, as are added players with these array of issues I'm sure, but instead we're larboard just audition annihilation and bold our bug letters are ignored.

And of course, this array of affair helps reinforce the abstraction that players should address issues that they find, that they adeptness be authoritative a difference.

It takes Jagex a anniversary or added to acknowledge to added austere issues from players unless they column it on Reddit and accretion +100 upvotes, an in-game arrangement would crave a abstracted aggregation or something consistently blockage the inbox for bugs which Jagex does not acquire assets for. They couldn't even absolution the coffer rework in 2017.

But hey, at atomic we're accepting new, "cool" cosmetics that do not advance your gameplay in any way but augment the wallets of the accumulated while you adore your pixels that are account nothing.