RSGOLE Trader - RuneScape is a domiciliary name

Jagex, if you acquire any annual for this once-in a lifetime, one-of-a-kind affair alleged RuneScape, please, abandoned for the ages of October, abolish all MTX promotions and appearance us that you affliction for things added than money.

Let's be honest. We do acquire our fair allotment of asperous times, we bicker, cull anniversary others hair, accord anniversary added the algid acquire for canicule at a time, but at the end of the day, you acquire to acquire that we are the allegedly the MOST loyal and passionate fanbase any video bold maker could anytime ask for RuneScape 2007 Mobile Gold.

Runescape is a domiciliary name. Abiding it may not be as all-over as Pokemon, but what "browser" bold could say is active stronger than anytime afterwards 16+ years?

That's one hell of a run, and we acquire been consistently assuming you that we are accessible admonition you bifold or amateur that figure. But the knife has to cut both ways, guys.

Money isn't consistently everything. There's a affair alleged bequest too.

So, all I ask is 1 month. I apperceive you will not do anything, but I anticipate you owe us at atomic that much. That's all.

I get the sentiment, but this is never traveling to happen. Afterwards all, adherence and affection bureau annihilation if compared to the wallet of a whale. Sad as that may be.

The whales' wallets amplitude so far. I don't anticipate there will abundant of Runescape to absorb money or play on if humans alpha abrogation accumulation by batch.

Jagex and this association at large, has this "Oh well, we're fucked adeptness as able-bodied adore it while we can" angle at this accomplished problem, and it's ruining us for the worst.

This is like a baby to average sized cavity. There's still time to go to dentist, get that bits biconcave and rebuilt. If we don't change our outlook, anon the accomplished tooth will be gone.

What does cancelling promos for a ages do again? Like you said, the players are loyal, added promos and humans are still arena (well I think, I chock-full arena for added reasons).

Yes, it's like a average sized cavity, but endlessly it for a ages isn't like traveling to the dentist, it's like accepting a acting application from youe bounded drugstore.

The problem, if there is one, still exists and isn't traveling away. Endlessly it for a ages isn't traveling to do annihilation besides be a massive paycut for Jagex.