RSGOLE Trader - RS3 is done in my eyes

I apperceive i'll allegedly be downvoted just for the appellation alone, but bugs accept been accident all year and it is just in actuality affecting at this point. Who is coding these updates, and secondly who is QAing them?

I can accept the occassional bug, not one individual accepting is complete but bugs accept been in 3/4s of updates this year. And game-breaking ones like this just achieve me ambition to quit, seeing humans get HSR and altered rares from bosses.

It's just babble because we all apperceive Jagex will not re-roll the servers due to the "effort" it will take, admitting so abounding humans accepting arbitrary advantages due to incompetence. This is a bold aggregation that was purchased for 100s of millions, fucking array your shit.

The affliction allotment of today isn't necessarily the RDT stuff, which should never accept happened, because I don't absolutely see any application agenda that absolutely messes with that except the "show item" thing.

The affliction affair for me is that the gold accumulator prevents any bread bead from monsters if in toolbelt and angry off. it in actuality PREVENTS you from EVER accepting a SINGLE bread as loot. they just vanish. disappear. gone.

The abiding GA has been in development for 3 MONTHS and this abundantly simple QA affair somehow slipped through the cracks? what the hell? it takes 5 abnormal to realise this bits in testing.

Every simple simple amend they administer to breach accepting like today..., I just can't be agitated logging in anymore.

Both abundance and superior of updates are acutely poor, majority of devs assume to be a agglomeration of juniors or interns that accept a 1k complete claimed annual let abandoned heard of rs so don't accept a individual clue on what's acceptable for the game.

RS3 boilerplate online amateur calculation has bisected aback 2014, meanwhile 07's has added than angled because that bold has the acceptable devs that apperceive what rs needs and in actuality accord a damn, rs3 is done in my eyes unless there's gonna be some aloft chances asap but from I see our Chinese accompany are gonna milk the cow til it's asleep and that's how this already admirable bold ends.

They had three months of QA on the gold accumulator and didn't do a basal analysis on how it works with drops if disabled. I don't even apperceive what to say honestly, even the a lot of preliminary, rushed, hamfisted testing would've bent this, there's in actuality no alibi for missing this, whoever was amenable for it actively needs to be announced with because whatever methodoloy they're alive with is provably ineffectual.

What absolutely bothers me is that we've about had a echo of the 2011 RoW bug; this isn't something that should've anytime occurred alert and it proves that Jagex just don't apprentice from their mistakes, in agreement of QA and development practices we're appropriate aback at fucking 2011.

Utterly unacceptable, and the actuality they're just traveling to let humans get abroad with it afresh instead of putting in the accomplishment to acquisition some humans to ban leaves a absolutely bad aftertaste in my mouth.

This year hasn't been abundant in agreement of abundance of updates, but I can accord them a canyon on that, about this year has been phenomenally poor in agreement of amend quality, I'm traveling to hotlink a antecedent animadversion of abundance that outlines some of the air-conditioned diffusion of time that's occurred this year because of absolute shitty testing procedures.

The bold is in a apologetic abundant accompaniment as it is, we don't charge this.

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