RSGOLE Trader - RS has been out for 15 years

TIL RuneScape's spaghetti cipher is in actuality a Guinness Apple Record. And if humans accuse about spaghetti code, just bethink - RuneScape is the a lot of adapted MMORPG.

6,700,000 is 837,500 8 hr plan days.

With 1 developer that would be 2294.5 years if you plan 8 hrs a day, 265 canicule a year (which is not the case).

In the case of UK workdays, there are about 260 alive canicule a year. Minus the 8 holidays (this year) comes to 252. Minus out the EU allowable anniversary minimum of 20 canicule and it leaves you with 232 alive days, or 1,856 hrs a year per dev.

That relates to a absolute of 3,610 years for one developer (6,700,000 / 1,856).

RS has been out for 15 years, so if one dev was accomplishing it he abandoned has accession 3,595 years to go!

How abounding devs would it yield that 15 years to do the same? 1,856 hrs times 15 years (1,856*15=27,840) one dev abandoned could acquire done 27,840 hours in that time.

That would beggarly the 6,700,000 hrs declared would crave 241 devs (240.66) to administer the 27,840 hrs over 15 years to work.

I don't anticipate Jagex has had 241 devs alive aback day 1 for 15 years on Runescape alone. This just goes to appearance that a allotment of added things, there is a achievability for:

- Devs are alive a lot added than the accustomed time.

- Devs are abundant added efficient.

- There is a lot of copy/paste content.

- There is a lot of torn or ailing managed content.

- Alot of agreeable is reused and adapted (see copy/paste).

- Alot of agreeable is bombastic (not acclimated at all).

- Abacus new agreeable and not removing the old agreeable that is no best used.

- Spaghetti cipher (see ailing managed agreeable above).

Of beforehand this is all just asperous numbers and estimates, and just my opinion. However, it does accord some acumen as to why it is just such a huge adventure to apple-pie up the spaghetti cipher (not an alibi to address new agreeable accurately and fix any issues begin on the way though).

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