RSGOLE Trader - OSRS seems like a footfall back

Old school was fun aback in 2007 if it was happening. I adore watching amateur beforehand into bigger and bigger amateur over time. OSRS seems like a footfall back, but it is nice to go aback to a cornball bold that RuneScape Gold anybody knows.

But the botheration with OSRS now is that it has gotten to a point to breadth you don't even apperceive what is traveling on anymore. They acquire fabricated the bold complete cutting for new players. That's not to say RS3 is any bigger though.

RS3 Pros:

- Activity can be airy or complete intense, depending on your style.

- New skills.

- A acceptable mix of serious, automated adventure quests and fun 2001 styled quests (Gowers quests).

- Added xp ante allows for beneath bullwork for those with families/jobs, but the abridgement is still counterbalanced for top xp bulk methods.


- Treasure Hunter can be a bit abundant (Microtransactions).

- Beneath association apprenticed updates.

- Set's unrealistic goals and timelines for updates and/or pushes deadlines aback because they don't authority betas.

- Etc. Can't anticipate of anymore off the top of my head.

But you get breadth I am advancing from I hope. I don't acquire abundant acquaintance with OSRS but from the videos and streams I acquire watched, it seems cutting abnormally for something I acclimated to know.

RS3 has it's pros and cons, but all-embracing I anticipate it is abundant added bigger to a accepting who doesn't acquire a ton of time to spend, but has abundant to adore a bullwork every already in a while.