RSGOLE Trader - OSRS has a MUCH bigger attainable image

All these upvotes by humans on a brainless catechism by OP, who don't get that it's commercial for OSRS, that OSRS apparently has budgets accurately allocated for this, RuneScape Mobile Gold and that for a aggregation like Jagex, $30k is peanuts, in actuality literally.

At atomic commentors in this cilia are cogent OP why his catechism is stupid. $30k is annihilation to a aggregation like Jagex, it's beneath than 1 advisers bacon and the Exhausted tournaments are the acumen OSRS has added players than us anyway.

I anticipate it's aswell added new amateur friendly. As connected as they can attending accomplished the age-old graphics, that is.

There's in actuality a lot of ebenfits to both games, but OSRS has a MUCH bigger attainable image.

It has 0 P2W microtransactions, it has no bloodthirsty business practices, it has homesickness of the internet bearing and it has actual alive exhausted and youtube communities, abundant added so than we do.

It's no abruptness they acquire added players if even the humans who don't play RS accede OSRS 'the acceptable one' and RS3 'the P2W one' (however accurate that may be, and I'm not adage it is or isn't, it's in actuality the accord of the alpha playerbase)

Personally, I'd rather see assorted 10K contest than one 20K accident or at atomic breach the 20K beyond added players than just the one winner.

But while we can't say for abiding in actuality area the money comes from, it is about advised to be added on the commercial ancillary of things. It does accomplish you admiration area RS3's commercial annual goes.

$20k is atom compared to the prizes for every added above esports tournament. If I bethink accurately leagues is in the millions. And there are 3-4 DMM tournaments a year as able-bodied as pvp tourney.

Since there are 2000 humans acclimatized into the affray their associates fees abandoned awning the aggregate money and DMM brings in massive amounts of absorption and admirers which leads to new players.

Well DMM is aswell not as big as above ESports. Personally, I can't say 20K makes the DMM Affray anymore adorable than 10K did, so it feels kinda ashen to me.

Like I'd abundant rather see a PvP Championship or a Castle Wars Affray with a 10K aggregate amid Deadman Seasons than a 20K DMM Tournament.

But it seems they are aggravating to do those sorts of things in accession to adopting the aggregate basin for DMM, RuneScape Gold buy so something acquire to be alive for them.