RSGOLE Trader - OSRS has a lot of absolute acceptable devs

Ash, Kieren, Ed, Archie, OSRS has a lot of absolute acceptable devs, and the best allotment is that they in actuality accept and do what association asks. But well, RS3 is the cashcow of Jagex so don't apprehend much...

Rs3 aswell has absolute acceptable devs that affliction a lot about the game, Osborne, Pi, Ramen, Stu, Shauny and Raven jump to my mind. There are lot's of things you could accusation for the abatement in players of RS3 the endure few years, but it isn't Jmods not caring.

Can't adjournment till Mobile is done and we get humans like Pi back, RS3 could in fact use some of these boys updates.

Honestly accord it a shot. Bold you're not a about new player, rs2 is apparently what got you absorbed in the aboriginal abode and osrs is in fact absolutely similar. Don't be abashed of accepting to alpha over or "do it all over again", because IMO the best allotment of osrs is the adventure rather than the end bold (not that end bold is bad, raids 2 anybody).

I played rs3 for 2.5 years afterwards EOC and the pvm was abundant but my associate got me to log into osrs to play alcazar wars one time and I never looked back. It's not for anybody but amuse accord it a shot, it ability just brace your adulation of the game. It's still RuneScape afterwards all.

That's my botheration with it tbh. Not the end game, but that the adventure is too continued with too little accolade forth the way. It's one of the affidavit I like quests so much. Gives me an absolute acumen to wish to alternation the accomplishment to assertive benchmark levels.

Some abilities are abnormally bad area levelling up doesn't even accord you a change in backdrop (fishing is this way in both games). I played OSRS until I got all quests but mm2 done and got austere out aggravating to bullwork the apache req (admittedly added array than some added skills, but it's still one of my atomic favourite).

RS3 just has added agreeable in amid the bullwork (naturally, because it's been about for longer). Will eventually acknowledgment to osrs, but abandoned in the far approaching already I get atone cape and there's even added superior updates.

Have you approved Ironman approach on either version? I begin abandoned it makes the adventure added fun. Hell I got alkali rats as a apache task of RuneScape Gold. It was my aboriginal time killing them because if they were arise initially I was accomplished the point where they were assigned. Afterwards accolade out I could handle them abundantly able-bodied I absitively to just bullwork them for the alkali sabre because I had never endemic that as well.