RSGOLE Trader - Jagex will and will not rerelease

Jagex needs to be bright about what is a discontinued attenuate (will never be rereleased), and what attenuate items (from Holidays, appropriate events, Treasure Hunter etc) may be rereleased.

Players shouldn't be larboard in the aphotic about what tradeable rares Jagex will and will not rerelease. The abiguity is abhorrent for the Market and amateur base.

Even if Jagex accurately says that an annual will never be re-released, they've already accurate that their chat agency nothing.

In the able they said they would never absolution addition tradeable discontinued annual - they did anyway.

In the able they said they would never advertise gold or xp to players - they did anyway. So anyone who believes their chat at this point is just allurement for trouble. If annihilation I'm added acceptable to accept the opposite.

I apperceive the annual column you're referencing. Aback that annual column they accept affiliated to use the words rare, limited, abandoned accessible etc - but accept not been in actuality bright if any of it is discontinued rare.

With the Christmas items IIRC they said the aggregate they were absolution into the bold as rares with the association that those items would be discontinued as they were not arise afresh year over year.

Based on this Elastic turkey re-release, which acutely bent players by suprise they should be complete about classifying the items conceivably even on the appraise or such.

Just added humans abrogation the bold because of this decision. I abandoned don't like that JAGEX are re-releasing old items instead of new ones. Afterwards all we pay associates so we can see new content. Afore the advertisement the aggregate of the turkeys was about 40m.

They will blast apparently to 1-2m and 25000 x 40m = 1 Trillion(isn't that a huge accident which will achieve some ppl quit?!?). This abundance was advance out a allotment of abounding accounts and now all burnt out because of apathy and bereft adeptness of RS economy.

I abandoned don't own elastic turkey and was never absorbed to own one or more, but some ppl chose this annual as an investment. Some items including(rubber turkeys) were advised as discontinued on forums and should breach that way. If you want to re-release such an annual a acceptable way will be as a token.

Also, what agency that you can't affiance what will be brought back? Next year xmas items from 2014 will arise back, maybe bsh from 2013 as well.

What about the years afterwards the next one? Maybe Affair Hats and added rares as well. In the able it was promised that microtransactions will not be allotment of rs3 and now we abandoned see mtx promotions?

Does that beggarly we will see all rares re-released(including affair hats) could could cause JAGEX chat agency nothing? I assumption we will see, but this will not let to annihilation good.

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