RSGOLE Trader - Improvements for the new activity bar binding

The amend is amazing, but it could be even added amazing with a few tweaks. I candidly don't anticipate theres a appropriate and achievable way of implementing these but if a jmod could amount it out that RuneScape gold would be amazing.

First one I anticipate is ambrosial easy, but instead of accepting confined apprenticed to accurately mage 2h, mage dw, etc, could we just acquire them apprenticed to "Magic", "Range", and "Melee"?

So if we accouter any array of abracadabra weapon, whether its mainhand or bifold apply or 2h, it changes to that bar (Magic and Ambit abnormally alone actually acquire 1 or 2 differences in abilities and are ambrosial interchangeable)

Secondly, and the allotment I feel would be ambrosial difficult to implement, is to acquire activity bar bounden for added than the just primary bar.

Top akin PvM is starting to ambrosial abundant crave 2 confined per appearance for accepting like switches, spells, added abilities, etc, and would be alarming if that could be automated as well. (Especially because you acquire to alleviate your actionbar to change accessory bars, acquired me a bit of an acrimony the added day if I forgot to relock it and swapped my ZGS about-face with a arresting lol)

Update already is great, acknowledgment Jagex, just actuality are 2 alarming improvements you could yield a attending at.

Alright so i acquire been accepting this alot added than annihilation and it is rather annoying. Traveling to Arraxor and Nex, application either bittersweet or precious stones and I acquire noticed my auto retaliate is off but yet my appearance still auto retaliates and continues to accumulate retaliating even if I am spam bang abroad from either or.

I acquire spent in absolute about 20-30m gp on deaths from something that shouldn't even be a thing. I apperceive for a actuality I am not the alone one experiencing this affair either.

Also while I am at it, It would be nice to fix abutting arrow to abutting applicant to in actuality plan and not freeze. I play fullscreen but to abutting bold i acquire to run assignment administrator and attack force abutting abundant times before.