RSGOLE Trader - I wore Scavenging 3 for 243k kills

While pet hunting, I wore Scavenging 3 for 243k kills. I fabricated at atomic 90m authentic accumulation just from Augmentors and Siphons from chargeless components, and adored a ton on springs. But you adeptness annual more. My assay shows you should get it for 120/200m combats or hunting Jack of All Blades. Apprehend on for details.


I afresh accomplished pet-hunting for my Master of All appellation (yay me!), and throughout, I wore a Scavenging 3 perk. I couldn't accept to acquisition a abundant assay or a big balloon about it, so I aswell recorded a agglomeration of abstracts so I could broadcast one.

The purpose of this assay is to see just how assisting or advantageous Scavenging 3 can be. There are two kinds of benefits: Profit, and cost-savings. Those two are absolute different: accumulation is algid banknote from the GE, but cost-savings doesn't make you any money, just saves you money if you plan to use those apparatus anyway. In this analysis, we'll be searching at accepted profit, and accessible bulk savings.

The Method, the Data, and Why It's Not Here:

I dead about 170k Armoured Zombies and 70k Dark Beasts. I counted almost AZs by alpha and end XP amid action pets, and adapted for how abundant of that I had an avatar with me. For DBs, this is simple as I can just QC my KC. In either case, it was acutely acclaimed area my accessories with Scav3 on it was akin 20, because at akin 20 there is 10% added activation adventitious (3% -> 3.3%). Those kills, then, were counted as 10% added to annual for that effect. In the end, 243k is the adapted annihilate count.

The data's not actuality because it's boring. I acquire all the data; I recorded all my apparatus in a spreadsheet. But the abandoned absolute affair to yield abroad is that in 243k kills, I accustomed an boilerplate of 1,029 of anniversary accustomed basic (except Refined. I should agenda there appears to be a limitation that prevents Scavenging from acquiescent Refined Components). In fact, my aftereffect is not as acceptable as you would expect: I accustomed beneath Powerful and Precious apparatus than I did added less advantageous components. So my "loot from" aftereffect adeptness not be as acceptable as the assay will show. I aswell should acquire abandoned accustomed 1,010 of anniversary component. Perhaps my algebraic is wrong, but no matter; 1,010 will be acclimated for this analysis.

My aftereffect with attenuate apparatus will be mentioned at the end, but not as a austere allotment of this analysis. I did acquire an array of rares during this time, but abandoned a few advantageous ones, and my luck will not be yours, and vice-versa.

Pure Profit:

The abandoned absolute way to accomplish accumulation from Scav3 is via Augmentors and Siphons. But it's important to acquire the bulk breakdown of each RuneScape Gold, in adjustment to put a gp bulk on anniversary component. Normally, I would breach anniversary basic basic down by bulk application a readily accessible and able method, but aback in this case the apparatus are taken for granted, I'll instead focus on the bulk of anniversary as its addition to the bulk of the product, with anchored costs for aggregate else.