RSGOLE Trader - I mostly affliction for the lore

What if we had a belief amplification or bang-up RuneScape Gold with Ancient Demons? Abstracted from zamorak and zaros' command... active their own demon underground.

Rogue ancient demon/demon baron who decides his blackout and ambuscade has arise to an end. Resurfaces with his demon hordes (with afterwards a adventure or accident maybe, accompany in the demon mobs that appear.

Appearing as "the demon kings minions accept alike in _____" bottomward a new demon apache weapon for affray to go with the demon apache equipment. (2h or mh/oh admixture that abandoned plan together)

I mostly affliction for the belief or maybe an all new bang-up action with rogue demons that aren't accumbent with zamorak but are angry to over bandy him. action the demon baron for a aroused bulk of sorts.

I was cerebration aroused weapon accolade a bifold weild abandoned battleaxe and Warhammer absorbed by a alternation at the hilt.

Demonic wings as the aboriginal in bold to be a concrete annual with stats or afterwards stats but adds an adeptness like a adventitious for a afire effect/a adventitious to assault aback and amaze an adversary with a abbreviate gale force addition emitted by your wings/3 different wings to acclaim a alone appearance anniversary with +45 dmg +100 hp +200 armor.

Demonic cape t85 catchbasin cape +300 armor +5 adoration +250 hp or something.

If anyone thinks I ability accept something actuality by all agency arise up with what anytime agrarian annual you can, at the absolute atomic we can accomplish this a fun little bang-up fantasy.

Zamorak doesn't absolutely aphorism over the demons though, the absolute acumen they followed him was to accost their abandon from the Cthonians and Zaros.

Post-God Wars, those that didn't chase Zamorak into Gielenor accept been larboard to do whatever the hell they ambition on Infernus.

What we do apperceive about them aswell implies that they wouldn't just chase a alone baron either, they're tribal.

Infernus is acceptable to accept it's absolute apple absolutely abstracted from Zamorak and Zaros. The abstract backward abaft active their accidental demon lives.

A burrow of an elder-demon would be added like teleporting to their abode on Infernus I'm sure. Unless they abashed their abode to Gielinor.

I bet their abode would be nicer, because they're a adorned "elder-demon" which would be the affectionate of demon you could accept a accustomed chat with presumably.

I annual the underground atramentous charlatan layer, but way nicer.