RSGOLE Trader - I had to not use my scav 3 there either

RSGOLE Trader - I don't get why humans accuse about accepting Antitheism on their Scav 3... The point of Scav 3 is to annihilate a lot of monsters so you accept added affairs to aeon for attenuate comps, so you wish to be killing lots of simple to annihilate monsters (Abby Demons, Dagannoths, Abyss) area you don't allegation over arch aegis prayers, just Body Split. It should accept no abrogating aftereffect on you unless you're application Scav on the amiss monsters.

Well that makes faculty if all you'd use it for is to acreage components, but i don't in fact like to do accidental pvm and would rather get apparatus while extensive added objectives. I'd like to use it for my apache armour, but sometimes the tasks crave aegis prayers. It'd aswell be nice to accept at low akin bossing, like at gwd1 if you're just parking there for hours cat-and-mouse on a bang-up pet or title. Added apricot than sad tho i guess.

That's not consistently true. Sadly I aswell accept scav 3 + antitheism combined, and while for a lot of apache tasks it does in fact not matter, some tasks you still allegation aegis prayers to do them optimally.

For archetype I (used to) scythe body devourers and there it's so abundant bigger to use assure from affray (combined with attract scrim) instead of body split, application assure from affray is a lot beneath chancy (since they can assemblage up affray accident very fast otherwise) and added arguable (you allegation beneath food).

Same goes for cannoning nightmares (while scything them), I begin that it's appealing abundant absurd afterwards assure from ambit so I had to not use my scav 3 there either.

So yeah imo it in fact sucks to get scavenging 3 accumulated with antitheism as there are in fact a few tasks (some of the best xp/hr tasks actually) area if you wish to "powerslay" you accept to use aegis prayers.

As a artisan currently in place, if you annihilate a soulgazer while an aristocratic is currently spawned, it will not yield abroad Stalker's Gaze kills remaining, as it can't spawn addition aristocratic (this is a acceptable thing). Suppose there are two soulgazers, A and B. You annihilate soulgazer A, which ends up breeding an elite.

However, this takes about about 10-15 seconds. If you annihilate soulgazer B aural that spawn time, it will abolish a Stalker's Gaze charge, admitting the actuality that you in actuality can't spawn an aristocratic from soulgazer B, as the aristocratic spawned from soulgazer A will accept already spawned.

This agency that accuse are taken abroad for killing soulgazers too quickly. I anticipate that players shouldn't be penalized for spending added accomplishment to annihilate these monsters added quickly, and shouldn't be affected to annihilate them at a slower clip to save on charges.

By abbreviating the time it takes an aristocratic soulgazer to spawn to about about 5-10 seconds, this acutely lowers the bulk of accuse that a amateur ability end up RuneScape Gold wasting.