RSGOLE Trader - I could accompany a cannon into the lair

Wow crazy! Whats your set up to annihilate them as fast possible? Royale cannon with chains and nox staff, casting smoke battery (with bribery blast) with 99 mage and application aggro pots of RS 2007 Mobile Gold. Actual afk. I aswell acclimated familiarisation twice.

That was in actuality it. With 99 aegis and claret ammy, I had no charge for aliment and body split. Don't accept 95 adoration so I didn't bother with any pvm prayers and accordingly wasn't application adoration at all. No overloads, no perks, no added enhancements.

Downside: was costing me about 1.1-1.2m an hour in cannonballs and about 400k an hour on claret runes on eoc. In hindsight, I could apparently accept acclimated a cheaper spell with bribery bang and adored a lot of money for agnate results.

The bulk was calmly annual it admitting imo accustomed I now accept the charms in my coffer to go from 74 to 99 summoning and now little absorption I in actuality had to pay! All in weekends work!

I was annual all this cerebration that you had put "Dagannoth kings" and not "dagannoth kills". I was freaking out, accepting blessed that I could accompany a cannon into the lair, but all I could ahead about was how I was gonna do the affray baron with a cannon.

I ahead it was East. In amid the baptize with the bedrock in it and the aberrant searching aperture to the next breadth :). Waterbirth Island ofc. I ahead the south atom works able-bodied aswell though. I'll awning attempt afterwards if I remember!

Between 1300 and 1350 blood-soaked an hour afterwards familiarisation. So usually about 625-675 afterwards the added agreeableness drops this weekend.

Definitely accord it a go if you wish some fast afk charms and accept a bit of money to burn! Could you do a little video tutorial on this? I accept agnate stats and accessory but can't administer this.

I accept no recording software on my laptop unfortunately. Accept you approved with an identical set up with aforementioned spell etc?

My rev bar was sunshine, bribery blast, chain, dragon breath, wrack, combust, agrarian magic, abysmal impact. Alone the aboriginal few are important in actuality and I'm abiding anyone could point out a added optimal rev bar haha.

The complete boodle was admired at 51m but I was afk for a lot of it so I wasn't acrimonious annihilation up. Arise the end, I was acrimonious up the archer/warrior/berserker/farseer helps arise the end which got me about 1.8m I think.

I aswell had a lotd on in the achievement of some boodle as they accept admission to the attenuate bead table, but it never went off once.

With the bulk of runes, cannonballs and acclimation my nox agents though of cheap RuneScape Gold, this was abominably actual big-ticket haha. I ahead the complete bulk was about amid 27m and 29m in total.