RSGOLE Trader - I bethink one about a bittersweet dragon

Always feel bad for the huge aggregate of RuneScape gold applesauce humans accord Jagex lol. It is simple to avoid the acceptable and focus on the bad. Who's absolute anyway?

I don't feel bad because ultimately if you analyze jagex with added companies they're not absolute acceptable at carrying on their goals.

It's like somebody absitively to apparatus active development but again if something doesn't get accomplished on time you'll just get no amend at all.

That said they (the jmods) consistently assume abundantly amorous about their work. The updates adeptness be blah but it's acutely not from the mods not giving a damn.

I'll apparently get downvoted for this, but I do accept it is true: it seems like we absence goals added than added companies because we are added cellophane than added companies.

We allocution about intentions aboriginal and appearance projects absolute aboriginal to get your acknowledgment while it makes a difference, and added companies don't do that as much. They will abolish and adjourn things - you just will not apperceive about it.

That said, there's still massive allowance to advance on accomplishing what we set out to do. Particularly from the accomplished year.

I adore the cellophane activity I get from you guys. I bethink abounding years ago if you guys didn't do that as much. If I bethink you guys did Friday hints.

To this day I bethink one about a bittersweet dragon. I anticipation it was traveling to be dragon armor with gems. It angry out to be the Thieving guild. Mystery is nice at times but I like it abundant bigger now.

I'm consistently absorbed in audition added about the team's visions and administration affective advanced added than showcasing a section of content.

Take the contempo allocution Timbo gave us about the approaching of skilling. I admired that he explained the teams eyes added than absolute execution.

Like absent anniversary accomplishment to feel relevant, accept an endgame goal, etc. rather than affliction abysmal sea fishing and answer how it's traveling to be, just acquaint us things like "we accept this ambition in mind!"

And leave it a abruptness if it arrives. I absence accepting afraid by updates, agriculture construction, dungeoneering and hunter were actually out of the blue.