RSGOLE Trader - I ambition RS3 had rooftop activity courses

I ambition RS3 had rooftop activity courses, just accept like a nice another to assertive methods... (albeit nowadays humans just buy silverhawk accoutrement or one atom bang hefin.)

Support. we charge added top xp/high acuteness activity xp in my opinion. I anticipate even for the skilling pet a lot of humans do their circadian 20k xp at hefin pillars lol.

Xp/h astute activity is apparently the slowest accomplishment in the bold appropriate now? (unless bxp/hefin+sh I think) Adding accelerated methods for faster assets wouldn't be the affliction affair in the world.

I'm appealing abiding Divination is abundant slower than Agility. You can accomplish some crazy XP assets with a aroused skull at the Wilderness advance and the alternate amount keeps on accepting faster with anniversary level, although the check is that you're in the abysmal Wilderness with a massive ambition on your aback for bits trolling PKers that just hop worlds for simple targets instead of accomplishing able PKing.

Divination is such a allegation to train, even with the Caches, I'm appealing assertive it's still abundant slower than Agility.

Divination is accumulation activity + absolute transmuting of accursed energies is batty XP, abundant faster than accidental running.

Divination nowadays = accumulation + arc contracts. authoritative it abundant faster than activity if you just do those things. It's acutely slower if you ambition to alternation one accomplishment for 20 hours a day and again analyze ante I guess.

Albeit div on arc afterwards affairs is aswell 120k/h I believe. If you are a accidental amateur who mostly dailyscapes your DIV and DUNG abilities will be abundant college again about all others.

I'm seeing that a lot with newer players. Both accumulation and sinkhole accord a ton of XP for not abundant in bold playtime.

This already looks like it's advised to be an Activity Course. Maybe Jagex put in the assets already but they're just cat-and-mouse to in actuality absolution the advance with a approaching update?

I achievement so. Some added array in Activity would be a acceptable thing, abnormally because that training at Hefin agency you're training at the aforementioned atom for RS3 Mobile Gold about 11 out of 13 actor XP to get to 99, so even with all the lower/mid akin courses, there in actuality isn't abundant array in Activity training.