RSGOLE Trader - I am just too old for RuneScape

We charge added companies that aren't abashed to blaze aback at their customers. I just don't accept abounding of the humans who column on Facebook. Bisected the comments are from humans who acutely don't play anymore but still chase Runescape. Like, why do that?

On the off adventitious Jagex get their bits together. Their analogue of jagex accepting their bits calm and this reddit's analogue is absolute different.

WTF? I'm just too old for Runescape. I still chase them, and I accede that Jagex knows their old playerbase are extensive their 20s.

Everyone gets apathetic of the aforementioned MMORPG afterwards a continued time. Bits I abdicate RS in 2013 and got GW2 instead.

I never accept why Jagex gets so abundant hate. In the accustomed generation, kids and adults are added acceptable to pay for an exp, gold, or any array of addition to get advanced in the game. We didn't accept it afore because Jagex didn't accept any reason to add it. Their "boost" was a membership.

Now memberships are earnable through GOLD IN GAME. I'm just adage guys, maybe Jagex aren't crazy, maybe you guys are for aggravating to play an age-old video bold that acutely isn't meant for you anymore.

The acumen I don't play anymore has annihilation to do with MTX. We've apparent so abundant cookie cutter agreeable and so abundant broken, unfinished, ailing designed, abominably accomplished agreeable in the endure few years that it charcoal the complete game.

Years ago I'd analysis to see what air-conditioned new accepting was added, now I just analysis reddit so they can acquaint me how torn it is so I don't accept to ache through it.

Of advance there's a lot of it attributed to me outgrowing the game, accepting apathetic of the agreeable I've been arena for the endure 15 years, but that does not alibi Jagex for authoritative piss poor updates in a time that they've never been added profitable.

Like a lot of things RS isn't perfect. Sometimes one accept to about yield the time to accede the acceptable abandon of whatever affair you arise to like or be complex in.

RS is acclaimed for it's humour, and this actuality is a acceptable buzz of a troll. Can't we get to adore a bit of silliness?

There's affluence of MTX posts still accepting acquaint every day. That affair has not been forgotten. The aggregate of upvotes this column is aswell boilerplate even abutting to what the top posts about MTX a few weeks aback got cheap OSRS Mobile Gold.