RSGOLE Trader - I accede skillcape NPCs deserve to accept added story

Would be abundant to see them accept added of a accomplishments and story. They're technically the bodies we should attending up to if we're acid to 99 but we never anticipate about them until we charge the cape for buy RuneScape Mobile Gold!

Or what if Max and Elen Anterth (Maxed Elf in the Max Guild) had a affable skill-off antagonism to actuate who's the a lot of maxed? The amateur could aces a ancillary and appointment anniversary Skillcape agent for hints to accord to Max/Elen, to tip the scale. Wait, that would be a nice name for the quest: Tipping the Skill!

Only botheration with that: as already mentionned, Max is training abilities 24/7, has JoaT title(AKA all skilling pets, and soon-ish apparently will accept Master of All), acutely big-ticket gear... I don't anticipate Elen has abundant to compete. UNLESS SHE HAS MANY, MANY SECRETS.

But anyway, I accede skillcape NPCs deserve to accept added story. As of now, alone Kuradal has some backstory off the top of my mind. Support.

If you allege to Elen and ask about Max, she says that he visits the Max brotherhood from time to time and they allocution calm about skilling and accepting but she's consistently balked that he never sticks about and consistently runs off to addition allotment of the apple to accumulate on skilling.

Sounds to me like Elen ability accept a affair for Max but he's so absent with skilling, he's never taken the time to notice. Should agenda the accomplishment reqs to alpha as:

- str and atk in warrior guild

- ambit in ambit guild

- abracadabra in mage guild

- baker in affable guild

- ability in crafting guild

- adoration in monastery

- apache requires admission to kuradel

- fishing in fishing guild

- rc in rc guild

- bandit in rogue's den

The abstract are attainable afterwards added requirements. So the aboriginal catechism is: what would be a acceptable (neutral) starting point? (No. Not the priff max guild.)