RSGOLE Trader - How abounding hours does a massive accessory endure for

I don't apperceive the numbers but I would be afraid if accomplishing runespan just to get massive pouches is efficient. Theres no added way to get 100 aspect in a cruise to the alter of RuneScape Gold, so you'd accept to do accession cruise every craft, that would eat your xp / hr absolute quickly.

How abounding hours does a massive accessory endure for, approximately?

The wiki shows you can abjure 100+ times from the accessory afterwards it breaking. Lets accept 100, and see if it is annual it.

RC is 428k xp / hr afterwards application carriageable rings. To get this, you allegation the adapt with 100 accuse and affirmation the xp. The time to get 100 accuse is 13.5 minutes. Anniversary 100 accuse is 4 inventories of essence.

So, 4 uses of a massive pouch. This agency you get 100 accuse 4.4444 times an hour, and use 4 accessory accuse each, so 17.77777 accessory accuse an hour.

So, a accessory lasts 5.625 hours.

So, if you rc for 5.625 hours you accretion 2,407,500 xp. Lets annual for the time to get the accessory that you acclimated for 5.625 hours.

From this accoutrement OT, you get 37.3 credibility per minute. 1k credibility for a pouch, so 26.8 annual for a accessory (lets say 28).

So add our 28 annual (.46666666 of an hour) to our complete 5.625 hours for a complete of 6.0916666666 hours. Runespan of advance gives xp too, so we allegation to add the xp we acquired in runespan to our complete xp.

Runespan is 85k xp / hr, we were there for .466666 an hour, so we acquired 39,666 xp. Add that to our 2,407,500 xp and we get 2,447,166 xp in 6.091666666 hours.

Thats 401,723 xp / hr, adapted for the time to get the pouch.

So, how abounding xp / hr would you get if you skip application a massive pouch?

We don't accept abstracts for this, and abbreviate of accomplishing it myself ingame, we just accept to assume.

You accept to do 5 inventories of ess per 100 allegation afterwards a massive pouch. But you accept ess larboard over that you can bead too. So lets accept every hour you get a trips annual of ess for chargeless (pretty abiding its a lot less). So, you'd do 18.7777/5 = 3.755554 abounding accuse per hour. You get 96,300 xp per abounding allegation so this is 361,660 xp / hr.