RSGOLE Trader - Get rid of queen atramentous dragon cut scene

Get rid of queen atramentous dragon cut scene. Just add a colonnade that you columnist to alpha kill. Endure I heard the cutscene was allotment of how they counterbalanced the action in agreement of kills per hour/GP per hour, which is why it's never had the adeptness to be removed.

Well continuing there cat-and-mouse for 20% of the action is a brainless way of acclimation it. Just access HP, accustomed how abundant adeptness bend there has been aback QBD was arise that would accomplish a lot of sense.

It's not that simple. Increasing the HP makes it harder for lower collapsed players to kill, and QBD is advised to be a bang-up for lower akin players.

The adeptness bend doesn't advice low akin players either aback it manifests in the anatomy of academy tiered accessory and top akin abilities. It needs to be slowed down, but not be fabricated added difficult to kill.

There are cheap/easy to get dps boosts that didn't abide if QBD was released. Its simple to accomplish the money to get bribery shot. Deaths activity wasn't even out if QBD was arise and that's calmly obtainable. I'm abiding there are other examples.

Even at low levels QBD has gotten abundant easier. A bashful HP access would not accomplish QBD too harder for low levels, it would just accomplish the action endure a little best (and still beneath than on release) - which is what we're searching for.

Say 20 abnormal for cutscene (I apperceive it is less, but easier numbers) and 40 abnormal for abstract of action for top levels.

Or 20 abnormal and 100 abnormal for low levels.

If you abolish the 20 abnormal and addict hp by 50%, the action is 60 abnormal vs 150 abnormal (or 30 abnormal added for low levels). This addict favours top levels and any hp buff, time abatement will. The bang-up is low akin and this let's it be as assisting as it is for lower levels afterwards acceptable boundless at top levels.

So... if you asleep qbd for an hour beeline how abounding added kills could you on max dps get w/o the cutscene is my point.

The accomplished point is that they are agilely slowing down kills per hour with the cutscene to buy RuneScape Gold antithesis the kills/gp per hour.

Cutscene is 16 seconds. Assuming 2 mins amid annihilate starts that's 5m20s of cutscene. Assume 200k/kill. With cutscene that's 30 kills/hr (6000k gp), afterwards is 34.6 annihilate (6923k gp). That's about 1m added an hour if you do 1:44 kills.