RSGOLE Trader - Get a ample bulk of a assertive component

Giving hardly-used accepted locations some use. Anybody who has accomplished apparatus has encountered this. You are aggravating to get a ample bulk of a assertive basal or accepted parts, while you acquire a huge assemblage of OSRS gold added components/parts which only grows and you don't use them, ever.

That's why I advance 2 added uses for those locations that you'll apparently never use, even if there's a brace of allowances or accessories that use them.

Create aberrant apparatus from accepted parts.

Just like how you can catechumen some lower bank items into beneath college bank ones (D&D tokens, airy gems), you can actualize some aberrant apparatus out of accepted parts. The created apparatus acquire to acquire some affinity to the locations used, i.e. Enhancing (made from Clear parts, Smooth parts, Delicate parts, Awning locations and/or Metallic parts) or Swift apparatus (made from Stave parts, Spiked parts, Crafted parts, Arch parts) or even Attenuate locations (made from Tensile parts, Flexible parts, Stave parts, Crafted parts). You get the idea.

Crafting the aberrant apparatus from accepted locations shouldn't be bargain either. Several hundreds of locations acquire to be appropriate to adeptness a individual aberrant component. Somewhere in the ambit of 300-1000, depending on the several altered locations required.

Now I am not an bread-and-butter expert, but I do apperceive this would go adjoin the accomplished 'Item Sink' purpose that Apparatus was advised for. However, the proces from accepted locations to aberrant locations shouldn't appulse that account bore abridgement as abundant as suggesting the conception of attenuate apparatus from aberrant components. This is accessible for discussion.

Sell antithesis parts/components to an Apparatus NPC for added Apparatus XP, coins or a baby Apparatus accolade box absolute some Invention-related goodies.

You as the amateur aren't the abandoned accepting who apparent Invention. The NPC's such as Doc or Oldak aswell plan at it, but they aswell charge locations and apparatus to plan with.

You can acquaint your antithesis parts/components to them and in acknowledgment you accept some coins, Apparatus XP or a accolade bag with Apparatus items & RS gold (gizmos, devices, accidental apparatus etc).

Now the accolade could be based on what you awash to the NPC's. Otherwise, a locations --> accolade arrangement agnate to Vic's XP --> accolade credibility could be implemented area some locations crop a college reward.

What are your thoughts on this idea?