RSGOLE Trader - Discussing the continued appellation eyes of RuneScape

What can they in actuality say though? It's in actuality sad but I agnosticism there are abounding developers of the bold who are blame for added mtx, it seems to all be advancing from the investment aggregation that pays their salary.

I'm abiding it pains the adept jmods to accept to adulteration the bold like this, why do you anticipate so abounding accept been abrogation in the accomplished few years.

I wouldn't be afraid if Jagex accept set quotas of keys to advertise per month. Abominably it seems solomons abundance is demography a aback bank and they are just auctioning amaranthine promos to hit those mtx sales targets.

I agnosticism that annihilation will be done about MTX anyway, but if the players accomplish a lot of noise, afresh the jagex advisers who do affliction in actuality accept something to appearance the humans in allegation to abutment their opposition.

I don't apperceive what the parents aggregation ambition is with RS, but if eventually they alpha assuming a dip in subs hen anyone should apprehend that accident subscribers= beneath keys sold.

Of advance if they just ambition to bang the bold into the arena afresh accumulate going. I'm abiding accident can and will be done, but that's my point I don't apperceive what the ancestor aggregation wants from the bold so who knows.

Mod Balance's response:

You're appropriate to ambition a response. We ambition to acknowledge - and we ambition to get it right. With that said, there is no point in us putting calm some BS statement.

You've fabricated it bright that you're not annoyed with a placeholder or something wishy-washy. We accede that it isn't acceptable abundant to accord you that, either. This is an affair which affects every abandoned akin of Jagex.

From abandoned developers, all the way to our lath of directors. The annual we make, based on the decisions we adeptness will appulse the bold and Jagex for a continued time.

For instance, we accept a administration affair for 2 canicule next anniversary area we'll be discussing the continued appellation eyes of RuneScape.

A aloft aspect of these discussions will be monetisation (especially MTX), and how it appearance aural RuneScape. It is not until afterwards this affair is concluded, and our decisions are active off that we can accomplish any allusive statement.

Even then, this is a bigger affair than that - this isn't a accommodation that one accepting abandoned can make. You've fabricated it bright that for a accomplished lot of you, there is an issue, and we charge to attending at how we advance with this advice in mind.

You should in actuality authority us annual - we ambition to be acceptant to Buy RS Gold feedback. But - let's get this right. Let us accept the discussions we charge to have, accomplish the decisions we charge to make, and accord you the annual you deserve.