RSGOLE Trader - Did they in actuality accumulate the 75k value

Years ago aggressive boots were alone a few gp anniversary to buy at the guy that awash them, but you had to go through chat to get them. However, RuneScape Gold pures about acclimated them aback they had backbone bonus.

Jagex for whatever acumen accessible absitively to "revamp" aggressive boots into "rock aggressive boots", basically amid the 2 and giving the "normal boots" no stats.

BUT they angry all complete aggressive boots into bedrock aggressive boots, which had a bulk of 75k. (High alch of 45k) So anybody who had like a assemblage of aggressive boots (I acquire apparent pictures breadth humans had a few K) just went from like 12 gp boots to 75k boots.

We've adapted the aggressive boots that you are able to buy afterwards starting the Death Plateau quest. The bulk of complete boots will be added to be added adapted in affiliation to their annual (i.e. their activity stats).

A new, added blazon of aggressive cossack will be provided to accredit questers to complete the adventure for the aforementioned low bulk they acclimated to be able to (the aggressive boots for the adventure will not acquire activity stats).

You can buy either blazon of boots from Tenzing the Sherpa in his hut on the aisle to Death Plateau.

This makes this annual one of the a lot of aggrandized items in runescape history. Did they in actuality accumulate the 75k bulk afterwards such a big access in supply?

I'm not one for cabal theories, but I'm still to this day assertive that the J mod who masterminded that amend had accompany with 1000s of the things banked...

Didn't they aswell absolution a annual anon afterwards the amend adage something forth the ambit of 'we've looked into the bulk of boots sat in players banks and activate no cogent amounts'?

Followed anon by players assuming off their 10k+ cossack endless at the GE. L.

Plenty of humans had massive endless of boots because they were about chargeless and they were a complete accepted PK item & buy rs gold. I had like 5k boots at the time of the update, I did them daily.