RSGOLE Trader - Dagannoth Rex action in RuneScape

I'm on a Dagannoth apache task, charge to annihilate 150 of them. I wish to just affected Dagannoth Rex for the apache xp but I'm accepting trouble.

I can annihilate him air-conditioned quickly. I'm 99 in magic, range, defense, attack, backbone and summoning with 95 prayer, nox staff, overloads etc. In actuality abstract I know!

Starting the instance, I run east and get the aggro from just the Dagannoth Rex, afresh annihilate him easily. Agitation is, I accumulate accidentally accepting aggro from the added 2 if I just wish to annihilate rex, and afresh I get destroyed and accept to leave the instance. Rejoining, I obvs accept them aforementioned botheration as they've all spawned.

Basically, I'm accepting agitation just accepting aggro from the Dagannoth Rex.

Any tips? Or am I just bigger to accompany a accessory about-face or ancient to annihilate the others if I get aggro from them? Or do I just convenance accepting aggro abandoned from rex?

If you hug the Far East bank and use breadth boodle by bottomward an annual you shouldn't aggro complete or prime. I've been able to endure the complete hour on low affiliated ironman.

The mage is acutely accurate, accompany a about-face to annihilate that one and accessory to annihilate rex. Adjure mage if the mage is there and adjure adjoin the third and catchbasin it.

They all accept the aforementioned drops so befitting two asleep is constant and acceptable speeds for the task. Aback you accept 99 stats, just get t80 weps, normal/fast instance and annihilate all 3.

If you accept that accessory you can annihilate all 3, just angle in the boilerplate and alpha killing. Already you annihilate the third the aboriginal will spawn aback and afresh you abandoned accept to action one at a time. Appealing fun assignment to amalgam at imo.

RS3 u can be spotted from anywhere, just annihilate all of them, cheap RuneScape Gold and dks are not acceptable exp at all, and meh gp/hr, so ye just do the assignment at waterbirth and move on tbh.