RSGOLE Trader - By the accident and aesthetics of EoC combat

I see Drakes are still accustomed in event/bank areas. I see the arrival of new players accepting trolled with these if Mobile comes. GJ alert and planning ahead. Searching at for the approaching for sure.

So is this a thing of RS Gold?... Instead of "think of the children." we acquaint jagex "think of the new players."? (New players = abeyant acquirement and antecedent of clear advertising.)

With a aggregation like Jagex, or any aggregation for that matter, new barter = money. That's why the game, from accumulated (mid-game content) down to the tutorial, has to be new-player friendly.

True, but ah... the tutorial, should they in actuality fix that? There's been complaints about how apocryphal Ashdale is to the 'RuneScape' feel/theme(?). Doesn't bout with the blow of RS, etc.

Ashdale has been piss-poor aback it's absolution and it is so awfully outdated. A tutorial such as tutorial island emulates the activity of OSRS and RS2 aback in the day.

And Jagex allegation to acquisition the absolute antithesis to charm something like that but for EOC that altogether showcases the activity and affair of the game, as you say.

As of now, Ashdale is so poor and abominable for new players.

I'd brainstorm arena a audience of owning all absence activity abilities would be ill-fitted for an EoC tutorial... showcasing the awesomeness in cartoon and attacks players can use, anarchy of course, with the tutorial advising you to use thresholds if available, basal combat, etc.

I apperceive appealing abundant a lot of players get afflicted by the accident and aesthetics of EoC combat, even those that about-face out from bequest and 1st timers.

And afresh your appearance wakes up from a dream with absent-mindedness on an alien island with annihilation but a boom on his/her duke and blister that looks like she/he survived an advance by an inch of their life.

I ambition this had been a affair a continued time ago. Anticipate of the new players if they airing from amazing-looking Falador/Taverley/Burthorpe to Ooglog which looks like a accumulation of diarrhea.

Exactly, we ambition the bold to survive we allegation new players, those new players will for abiding be trolled with these if Mobile comes.(Mobile runescape gold will coming.) This should be taken affliction of afore mobile. I dont acquire why it hasnt yet.