RSGOLE Trader - Be absurd to discount 2 things

I advanced it's absurd to discount two things:

- The canicule if PvP was absolutely accepted were aswell the canicule if it was in actuality the alone endgame content.

- Humans ambition rewards for their time, proportional to their accomplishment and effort. They get them with PvM. They don't get them with PvP the way it's advised in Runescape.

PvM is the accepted endgame, midgame and RuneScape Gold even anterior content; PvP is the asleep asleep agreeable at any level.

We will never apperceive if that's about the mechanics of PvP until the rewards are equal, and we can't admission that because Jagex don't apperceive how to accomplish PvP that isn't boosted, and aren't able to listen, learn, or appoint anyone that does apperceive how.

Castle Wars and association wars were both badly accepted pre-EOC even admitting you in actuality absent money every time you played the game. I advanced that pvp agreeable in itself is problematic.

The barrier of admission to EOC pvp is just massive. Anniversary amateur needs to admission dozens of abilities and apperceive how to adverse them all lest he gets flashed ko'd.

Back in the canicule if bossing was just KBD and KQ, and PvP, whether wildy or minigames, was the alone complete end adventurous content.

Furthermore, aback in those times, barraging at Castle Wars or chinning at Soul Wars was the fastest mage/range XP accessible - there was no afking in the abysm for your XP those days!

Combat XP in actuality took a while to get, it about aggregate you money to get it fast, and Castle Wars was as adequate as any PvM for accepting XP, about better, so of advance humans did the added fun way of training.

The actuality that PvM is about so abundant added advantageous now, and that humans allegation added abilities and GP a lot added than they allegation activity XP which is so abundant easier to arise by now, has a lot to do with Castle Wars accepting beneath accepted now.

(Throw in the stacking of sides, advocacy accepting the best way to get rewards, and the armour, halos and affectionate absorber accepting absolutely outclassed by added gear, and you admission the complete storm for authoritative Castle Wars unpopular!)

I advanced the added options players admission now, the ones that attempt with PvP for their attention, are at atomic as important as the EoC barrier to admission in authoritative PvP unpopular.

That's not to say the barriers to admission shouldn't be addressed, added that even if you could magically annihilate them, you'd still allegation to do added to buy OSRS Gold accomplish PvP popular.