RSGOLE Trader - Baby clans accept no advantage to abound their citadels

Small clans accept no advantage to abound their citadels. We are captivated aback by a aggregation calculation that makes no sense. With a growing bulk of clans wouldn't it accomplish added faculty to analysis and amend several aspects of the citadel.

1, Abate the bulk of visitors to be about to the clans size. Thus acceptance baby clans to be able to adeptness Tier 7 (and amuse don't acquaint me to recruit added associates to my clan, we don't ambition a ample clan).

2, If you physique it why should there be such a top bulk of upkeep?

3, With technology and the able humans that plan for Jagex why can't you amend citadels? Amuse accord us a abounding acumen (without all the abstruse terms).

4, Why aren't the complaints accepting listened to apropos citadels and activity taken, there are so abounding on actuality and in the forums.

5, Clans accept a top amusing aspect and the bastion could be a lot added accessible to players as able-bodied as a abode for association mates to alliance and do activities together.

And my endure catechism is why don't you analysis association leaders and associates on idea's and what they ambition to see in citadels.

After all I am appealing abiding you would get some appealing candied idea's that would accomplish citadels a hell of a lot better. As able-bodied as clannies activity like they are heard about this.

It in actuality doesnt yield that abounding humans to advance a citadel. If you beggarly accepting a accumulation as baby as 3-4 people, afresh you adeptness struggle.

I accept accompany who run citas with 2x avas on alone 5 accounts, and if you dont accept abounding alive association associates affairs are you will alone charge 1 ava.

They are basically penalising those who ambition to breach as a baby association by not acceptance clans to progress, the aggregation calculation is a antic and needs alteration too.

So what if it would yield consistently to advancement all of your building/plots, if you accept the minimum appropriate to alpha a bastion you should accept the numbers to accomplish it the best it can be.

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