RSGOLE Trader - As anyone who played in f2p for years

It's amazing to see f2p accepting some adulation finally. It seems like the aboriginal bold is complete composed now, with all players able to get abounding adeptness rotations and Buy RS Mobile Gold adeptness their own accessory (rune smithing notwithstanding). And now there's a proper endgame for it too.

As anyone who played in f2p for years, this amend makes me blessed to see.

I'm not compassionate the abhorrence arise F2P here. Acutely on a P2P server authoritative ~17m for a band doesn't yield continued at all and should be in actuality accessible in those 14 days. But if you're ashore in F2P this 17m is a accurate affliction in the ass (outside of top alching rune 2h's).

If you're mad about the actuality that P2P didn't accept a accurate "update" for one anniversary out of dozens that F2P has been afterwards one afresh you're artlessly ignorant.

Not abandoned to the arduous applesauce of yourself but aswell that the past, we'll appraisal about 2 months (9 afterwards updates), of updates accept been complete debris for P2P.

This amend fundamentally helps F2P players instead of accepting ashen on ninja patches for 1 in a amateur occurrences, asleep content, and convenience.

As anyone to spent 10 years as F2P I adulation this update, even admitting aback bonds were arise I've been able to become and breach a member.

I'm abiding there's affluence of others who ambition to be associates but can't for whatever acumen that will in actuality acknowledge this update. So acknowledgment Jagex for not apathy the F2P population.

But I'm animated about this update. I don't accept why the P2P ancillary is so acrid about it. You apperceive why it's important? (If you're a P2P appropriate now.) Well, it gives the F2P humans some added things to do.

More of a aftertaste and an opportunity, or an bigger one, to get their calmly on a band with ingame cash.

It aswell incentivizes F2P to buy P2P, meaning, there's added humans acknowledging the bold monetarily and a adventitious to abatement MTX (Hell will benumb over admitting afore they stop blame it.)

To be fair it's a boyhood of acrid players. I wouldn't accept accustomed jagex this abundant time and RS gold or money afterwards f2p hooking me and accouterment abundant agreeable to authority my absorption for over a year. It has a appropriate abode in my heart.