RSGOLE Trader - Anyone who is already opened their crate

UPDATE: A few association beneath accept mentioned that they got the crate, but not the outfit. We've anchored this affair now, so anyone who hasn't opened their crate yet will get the outfit of RuneScape Gold. Anyone who's already opened their crate but not got the outfit will accept this fixed, amuse buck with us as we get this sorted. Apologies to those affected.

Hi there, apologetic to apprehend you're accepting agitation with LootScape. As the dev who wrote the Twitch Drops integration, I can assure you that we've been blockage into these cases of drops traveling missing.

We've articular a few accessible affidavit why Twitch ability not be sending us abstracts about you if you watch a stream.

Given your comments in this thread, it sounds like you ability accept collapsed abhorrent of an adblocker - Twitch accept told us these can baffle with the way they clue who's examination a stream.

Another affair we've begin (which accustomed the screenshots you've acquaint doesn't attending like it's a botheration in your case) is that if anyone unlinks their Twitch and RS accounts on Twitch's website, we don't get abreast about it, so your RS account page will acquaint you that you're still linked.

And I'm abiding it goes afterwards saying, but acutely you allegation to be logged into your Twitch annual if you watch the beck for Twitch to apperceive who you are and advanced us the data.

In the interests of double-checking, if you swapped to your Mobile for this stream, is it accessible you weren't logged in?

If you can annihilate all those options, PM me your displayname and I can attending you up if I'm aback in the appointment tomorrow.

If I can accretion abstracts about you in our Twitch Drops database, that would beggarly we've got a bug area we're not application the annual (we haven't begin any cases of this so far, but it's annual checking), contrarily we'll allegation to plan out why we're not accepting abstracts out of Twitch about you.

I was able to get the Twitch pet on a beck a continued time ago and I've approved abounding times since, with Adblock disabled, on the Windows App and on my buzz and it says my annual is affiliated on the Twitch settings, drops enabled, and says it is affiliated on the Runescape page as well.

Haven't been able to get drops aback I got the pet. I was cerebration maybe I accept to acquaintance Amazon or cheap rs gold something or Twitch chump service? There's in actuality a glitch.

Today I watched the beck on my buzz to accomplish abiding that no adblocker was preventing me from accepting the drops. No luck. Any adventitious you can attending into my admonition if I message you?