RSGOLE Trader - All the attenuate drops I got from rax

Exactly one year ago I absitively to accumulate clue of all the attenuate drops I got from rax. I started the year with about 10,000 kc +- 50 kc and I currently accept 20,054 kc. My ambition was to do about 3 hours of rax per day (roughly 10 kills/ hour on average, depending on path) which I accept managed to do for the a lot of cheap OSRS Gold allotment of the year.

Towards the end I got acutely ailing of it and did like 1-2 hours a day. I acclimated primarily mage for the majority of the kills with a few affray kills and about 0 ambit kills. Also, I didn't duo any kills because I abhorrence duo.

Anyway, here are some stats:

Leg Pieces - 229

Eye - 17

Web - 29

Fang - 55

Longest Dry Streak - 297 kc

Double Hilt/Leg bead - 13711 kc (this is my abandoned one)

Fastest annihilate time - 3:02

Feel chargeless to ask any questions. Cheers. EDIT: RSN The Big Yam

How appear your screenshot doesn't bout the numbers you annual in your post? (67 legs vs 229 etc) Not that I don't assurance you lol just curious!

Also I'm absolutely analytical to know; appropriate now I do about 5-8 kills per day (takes me about 40-60min) and I started action appealing inefficient able 100% enrage. Still disturbing with 100%-120% enrage. I use ranged and I candidly admiration just how abounding added I can beforehand aback I don't feel like I accomplish that abounding mistakes. Not even speaking about application abracadabra haha.

So my catechism is: do you acreage top enrage kills? If boy, if do you reset? At what point do you feel like it's bulk able to?

I acclimated to advertise the legs for money but afresh about October (I think) I chock-full affairs the legs I got. So the "missing" drops in the screenshot were angry into monies via the GE.

To acknowledgment the additional question: It is difficult to say if it is "efficient" to reset. I consistently just acreage 300% because I can and I don't affliction about the aliment I lose. I abandoned displace if I'm atrocious for a specific leg section and the aisle will abutting the next day or if I allegation to do accession 3 hours of rax to accomplish up for a day that I can't log into RS (because of plan or academy or whatever).

My beforehand on convalescent would be to get to 200%, afresh plan your way to 300%. Already you can acreage 300% try animate on things like body breach flicking and buy RuneScape Gold accepting the aforementioned circling down for every kill. I do the exact aforementioned affair EVERY KILL for anniversary specific rotation.