RSGOLE Trader - Accomplish MTX cosmetics only

Make MTX cosmetics only. Expand the Solomon's abundance instead of pumping added TH promos. Jagex has declared MTX is all-important for RS3 to survive, but there are convalescent means to apparatus MTX.

Importantly, MTX shouldn't accord players an advantage in accepting in bold milestones/achievements because this isn't acceptable for the continued appellation bloom of OSRS Gold.

Here are some suggestions:

Could accomplish some "legendary" apparel that bulk decidedly added but aswell attending way cool

Added coffer presets

Added coffer boosters

Added activity bars

Added allegorical pet types

Added hairstyles

Added appearance faces/models

Add something in Solomon's abundance that you can buy with runecoins to attenuate cosmetics.

Add added altered types of walking/running emotes

Add added types of auras

Add awakening OSRS themed outfits

Add corrective particles to weapons

Accomplish TH promos that aren't all about XP (ex: attenuate annual tokens, those agenda promos, etc)

I apperceive this isn't ideal and a lot of humans may be adjoin cosmetics/Solomon's abundance as well, but candidly I anticipate this is bigger than accepting bombarded with TH promos in actuality nonstop.

If you accept any added suggestions amuse animadversion so I can add them to the list.

Warframe does about this. Abounding places recently, at atomic area I lurk, are praising DE (Digital Extremes) for their F2P methods.

Maybe accomplish assertive things add-ons? Such as Advantageous Charms to accomplish in bold items "Lucky" (i.e. Advantageous Armadyl Godsword) instead of absolute giving you a acceptable weapon.

It's just a corrective enhancement, maybe acquiesce them to be traded even. Aforementioned with the Golden sets, and I accept a Golden Zamorak set from afore I quit of Mobile OSRS Gold. Accomplish it a dye instead that you can abandoned get from TH.